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Empowering you to value your lived experiences as fertile ground for cultivating inner wisdom, resilience, and flexibility, so you may realize your highest potential and learn to dance with the winds of change.

Tall Reeds Healing Arts is a healing sanctuary located in Minneapolis, specializing in holistic care for people who need support with:

balancing mental-emotional health challenges

copping with chronic health struggles

moving through difficult life transitions

working with identity issues

becoming embodied

fostering personal empowerment

nourishing sustainable activism

developing an animist spiritual framework

beginning the process of ancestral connection and reclamation

honing magic practice and intuitive skills

tracking fertility, and navigating pregnancy and new parenthood

developing a constitutional wellness approach to self-care

Tall Reeds Healing Arts is the private practice of Portia Richardson – and a space for collaborative community members to connect at the intersections of healing, spirituality, activism, and creative expression.