Health Coaching at a Glance

Health Coaching is an exciting new field in healthcare that puts YOU center stage!

Fortunately it’s starting to gain a lot of buzz.  However, there is still a lot of confusion about what it is, and what it is not.  Therefore, I would like to take a moment and shed some light on the what, why, and how of Health Coaching.

What Health Coaching is NOT

Health Coaching is not Psychotherapy.  There are many types and styles of Psychotherapy.  And while some do share common approaches and techniques with Health Coaching that help you navigate deeper levels of understanding, Health Coaching should never be used as a substitute for Psychotherapy.

Heath Coaching is also not Nutrition Counseling.   Nutritionists, much like other types of healthcare specialists, may use Health Coaching techniques when working with you, but they are still considered the “expert- who knows best.”

However, Health Coaching is a wonderful addition to Psychotherapy and Nutrition Counseling, as well as any other type of healthcare you are receiving. This is because it is collaborative, flexible, holistic, and most importantly – it keeps YOU in the CENTER of the healthcare circle.

What is Health Coaching?

YOU are the heart of Health Coaching.

Perfectly timed to emerge within an era of medicine that is increasingly focusing on “client-centered care,” Health Coaching utilizes a wide variety tools to help you strengthen your self-awareness, find your footing, and learn to listen to your own voice within the whirling tornado of directives flying at you from multiple providers with varying agendas.

In a nutshell, Health Coaching is designed to help you attain clarity around confusing issues, gain a deeper sense of connection to yourself and others, and build focused momentum towards your health goals.

Health Coaching puts you in the driver’s seat as you travel the winding road of personal transformation.

Why is Health Coaching a key piece of the healthcare pie?

You may have the very best healthcare team telling you what to do to feel great, and yet you’re still the one left with the challenging task of actually DOING it.    And ultimately, you are making these changes for yourself, right?

Therefore it is key to first discover YOURSELF- outside of someone else (a health guru, a specialist, or an expert) telling you what they believe is best.  Once you know what YOU want and need to feel balanced, you become empowered to take the necessary actions towards your health goals.

Health Coaching offers you an opportunity for self-discovery and sets you up for success when attempting to make lasting positives changes.

How does Health Coaching work?

As a Health Coach, I use a holistic approach when working with you.  I encourage you to consider what health means to you on all levels of your being: Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit.

I have no agenda and recognize and respect your innate ability to heal yourself, so the ball always remains in your court.  I am not the expert.  YOU are!

What we explore in a Health Coaching session is always up to you.  My job is simply to guide you to discover the hidden wisdom you may not even be aware you possess, and help you find creative ways to overcome obstacles and challenges you are struggling with at this time in your life.   Generally, I invite you to focus on where you are at NOW in terms of your HEALTH (verses your aliments), and where you would like to go in the future.

All in all, Health Coaching is a chance for you to claim your power, harness your intrinsic healing abilities, and learn to trust yourself when making important decisions regarding your health and wellbeing.  The insights you gain from Health Coaching are lasting and profound.  And the impact on your health and sense of purpose will speak for itself.


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