RELAX : Spring has sprung!

Has anyone been feeling a little crazy lately?  Restless with cabin fever? More anxious and irritable?  Not to fret.  It’s natural to go nuts this time of year.


In Chinese medicine terms, this is the time when our Yang Qi is rising.  Umm…ok.  What does that mean?

The Yin Yang is an ancient Taoist symbol depicting the cycle of change.  Here we can see a circle that is divided into two curvy waves.  One white (Yang) and one black (Yin). 


Yang represents energy that is upward, outward, warming, and expansive.  Yin represents energy that is downward, inward, cooling, and contractive.  They are opposites.  But not static opposites! They hug each other and spin like two harmonious lovers dancing for all eternity.

great way to understand this dynamic flux is to examine the seasonal cycle.yinyang-24

Notice how the Summer and Winter Solstices align at maximum Yang and Yin respectively.  These are the peak times of year.  The longest and shortest days.

Ever since the Winter Solstice last December (when Yin peaked), Yang has been slowly growing, like the shoots of a crocus bulb beginning to awaken deep beneath the soil.

And today is the Vernal Equinox!  By now Yang has built up enough….and Yin has declined enough…so they are perfectly balanced.  It’s a magic time of harmony.  And cause to celebrate! Spring has officially sprung up into the light of day! Yay!!


So why again have we all been feeling crazy?  Well, imagine how that little crocus bulb must have felt as it struggled to push through all the heavy, cold, damp earth… (aka Yang pushing up through Yin).

Just before it busted through the frost, I bet it probably felt super pent up and exhausted.  This is where we’ve been for the last few months.  


But thankfully, we’re now in the Spring season and moving towards the Summer Solstice when Yang will get its turn to peak.  This is the time to get out and move your body!  As well as put your creative ideas into motion!  Meet new people and make new connections.  Fall in love.  Begin to eat more fresh foods and load up on the green veggies.  Spend time in nature and enjoy as the Yang Qi explodes up from the earth like a green geyser.

And relax.  You won’t feel as crazy from here on out.  Until next year that is. 😉


“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows, by itself.”

~Matsuo Bashō


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