LET GO: Fall has Flung

Happy Fall Equinox!  Let’s honor this exquisite time of harmony between the Yin and Yang forces!

Autumn-Leaves-SunsetSix months ago I wrote a blog called RELAX: Spring has Sprung to mark the Spring Equinox.  I explained how we can understand the seasonal changes by exploring the dynamic flux of the Yin Yang cycle.

PrintAnd so here we are again. At a point of fleeting balance. The warming, expanding Yang energy is moving inward as the leaves begin to turn brilliant fiery colors, like the tail of a burning comet. And the cooling, contracting Yin energy is beginning to cover the earth like a soft blanket as we prepare for the dark season of sleeping.

g1-YinYang-lgThis is harvest time. Gather the fruits of your labors and feast! Celebrate a job well done! Stock your cupboards with root veggies and multicolored squashes. Make soups to warm your core. Savor the flavor.

beautiful gourdsKnit a cozy scarf to protect yourself from the cold, dry winds. Spend time with loved ones and be merry. For it is their love and support that will keep you nourished this winter.

kitten-in-a-sweater-kittens-5890480-670-578This is a time of reflection and nostalgia. Take time to stop and pause. Look back, behind you on the path. Notice how far you’ve come. Remember those who have helped you along the way. Feel all the joys and pains you’ve walked through. Let them bubble up from within one last time.

into-the-sunThis is a time to let go with gratitude. You are moving towards the season of stillness. You will soon be dreaming and gestating. What will you birth in the Spring? You must make space for new dreams to emerge. Take time to let go of what you no longer need. Clean out your closet. Simplify your schedule. Stop holding onto expectations that weigh you down. Exhale.

Dandelion-seed-head-blowi-001And as the sun sets every evening, every Fall you must let go of the light and turn towards the darkness. The sunset is always the most beautiful as it sinks into the horizon. So will the coming days be the most lovely. Be grateful for all the beauty surrounding you. And for all the beauty within you. Listen to your heart beating and let your awareness drop into your body.

tumblr_murbzwf5af1rr3ru2o1_1280Don’t fear the darkness. It is the land of creation and renewal. But you must first embrace all the little deaths that Fall offers you. Fling yourself off the ledge of your knowing and sail through the clouds, heart first. A vast ocean awaits. This year has been a mountain. When you no longer can climb, you must learn to fly.

sunset_cliff_dive_op_450x600“Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.”

~Lao Tzu

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