Heal the world from inside out

by Portia Richardson


Sometimes I don’t want to hear the daily news. Sometimes it’s just too much to bear. The world is hurting. The evidence is all around us. I don’t have to look at my Facebook feed or listen to MPR to feel it.



It is deeply painful, like a raw gnawing in the gut and a heaviness in the chest. A furrowed brow. A clenched jaw. Aching back. Fatigue. Depression. Anger. Anxiety. Fear. Grief.

I feel it. And, if you’re reading this, I know you feel it too. It’s undeniable what’s happening to our planet and to us as a global people. This is our collective wound. And I believe it is coming to a head…. because it is healing. We are healing.


In these times of intense energy, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by what feels like society breaking down all around us. I find a part of myself wanting to check out and get lost in frivolous distractions. It’s hard to look at our wound. It’s messy. It festers and flares up. It’s gory and oozing with death.

But when I stand my ground, sink my feet in the dirt, and face it, I see that yes indeed, the world is falling apart….the old world. The world that needs to die. The world that is ready to die.


It is a world that operates under the delusions of separateness and materialism. And those ideas are no longer able to fool me. I know better now. And if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you do too.


As our wound rises up into our collective consciousness, we are able to see the infection of delusion. We are able to rally together around what needs healing like immune cells. We rush in. We get inflamed and hot. We swell with anger and then turn black and blue with grief. But slowly we heal.


The old earth falls away like dead leaves, while the new earth is weaving us all together under the soil like a massive mycelium network. And in the cracks and crumbling decay, our new earth sprouts up in a sea of colors.

I try to remember this when I’m feeling tired and worn down by the onslaught of never ending headlines. When I’m lying awake a night, future paranoia hanging heavy above the bed. In the moments I feel helpless. I remember I’m not helpless. And you’re not helpless. There are things we can do to aid the healing.


I encourage everyone to do your part to make a difference. Join advocacy groups. Donate money to causes you believe in. Write you representatives. Get involved in your community. Whenever possible hit the streets and show solidarity. Be kind and loving with each other. It makes a huge impact, no doubt.

Yet, I believe the most powerful action you can take towards healing the world is to be kind and loving with yourself. Because the world is a mirror. And it is reflecting the deep wounds we all carry within us.


Now is the time to call forth the recognition of our personal responsibility for the energy we are individually contributing to the larger container, our global system of life. Our home. When we transform our internal landscape, the projected reality beaming out of our eyes follows suit. Where attention goes, energy flows.


So what story are you telling yourself about the world and your place in the big scheme of things? Where does your mind go when you look at the news? Do you only see the wound? Or can you see the healing?

When you look in the mirror, what is reflected back? Is is love? Or is it judgment and fear. Imagine how powerful you would be if you only saw love looking back at you.



One of my favorite metaphors for self-love is found in our physiology. Did you know the heart pumps the freshest, oxygen-rich blood coming from the lungs directly back to itself (via the coronary artery) before it travels to the rest of the body? The heart is so wise. It knows to care for itself, so that it may care for the body as a whole.


When we treat ourselves lovingly, our capacity to be loving with others grows. When we drop into our hearts, everything begins to shift. And there is research to back this up. The Institute for Heart Math (IHM) has been steadily studying the effect of thoughts and emotions on our physiology and energy systems. Check out this quick video!

Deep stuff, right? (As deep as Rollin’s glass are amazing.)

What they didn’t say in the video is when we are in coherence our electromagnetic field aligns to the same frequency as the planet (0.1hz). Or said another way, the electromagnetic field of the earth resonates at the same frequency as the emotion we feel as love. Gaia’s natural vibration is love. Think about that for a minute.


In coherence, the heart rate increases is variability (HRV). Sometimes your heart speeds up a tiny bit, sometimes it slows down a tiny bit, as it responds to information from the autonomic nervous system. It’s a very subtle change you can’t really notice moment to moment. High HRV is good. It means your heart is adaptable.


And it’s super easy to drop into coherence. All you do is evoke feelings of deep gratitude, joy, and love. Basically, just open your heart.

When your heart opens, your lungs open and you breathe smoothly. This down shifts your nervous system into relaxation mode. Biochemically your body goes into a state of restoration and healing. And it is from here that you are able to heal the world.


The IHM has shown multiple people (and animals) are able to sync up their HRV, especially when they have a relational bond. And you get the same results by measuring brain waves. For example, my HRV will go into coherence when I look at my son sleeping peacefully. His HRV will change to match mine. Both our brain waves will align….and our electromagnetic fields will hum along with Mother Earth’s love song.

This is also why your pets can literally feel your thoughts and emotions, because their HRV, brain waves, and electromagnetic field are responding to yours.


Furthermore, people in different locations synchronize their HRV. The data shows a distinct pattern despite the distance between subjects. And it is disturbed by solar flares as they strum the strings of the earth’s magnetic field and change our vibrations. Big solar flares equal big changes in our collective HRV. (If you want to learn more about these effects, check out this video.)


We are profoundly interconnected. By evoking emotions of love, gratitude, and joy we impact our surroundings in a very physical and measurable way. And our thoughts and emotions matter, because when we are in coherence we also find peace.



When we are able to shift our mind towards a state of inner peace, we see an external shift towards peace as well. There have been multiple studies showing positive correlations between group meditations and lower crime rates. You can Google it. Basically, when meditators are doing their thing, the crime drops in the local area. And the meditators weren’t intentionally focusing on lower crime. Simply inner peace.


In yoga philosophy, this is called the principle of ahimsa or non-violence. To practice ahimsa, is to not hurt others…or yourself. 

Back to that mirror reflecting the wound. How violent are you with yourself? Do you judge yourself? Punish yourself? Shame yourself? Hate yourself? I know I have my moments. And I see how it ripples out and affects my environment. The qi stagnates and builds up inside me until I explode.


I believe people who act the most violent outwardly, are also the most inwardly violent. Think about the bully on the playground who is suffering inside. This is not to justify the actions of the perpetrators. It’s to say that they are the most in need of healing. And to recognize, the more we do our inner work, the less likely we are to hurt each other.


The practice of ahimsa begins by being mindful of all the ways we hurt ourselves. It invites us to practice self-compassion and be gentle and caring. And acknowledge all outward actions have their roots on the inside. It’s a whole new level of engaging in the world.


When you become intentional about what you are putting into the world, what you are feeding our collective field, you become less You and more We. And when we come together, we are beyond powerful.


When I think about all the group meditations, vigils, and prayers being sent out into the world with purpose, I can feel good qi flowing all around and between us. I sleep better at night.



The field is our collective consciousness. It creates our collective organism. It connects everything together.


And here is where I could go off the deep end and dive into the quantum world. But that topic is way bigger than this blog, so I’ll keep this short. Just a little something to wet your appetite.

First, this will blow your mind: Global Consciousness Initiative

Second, now that your mind is blown open, listen to this guy: Rupert Sheldrake

Third, a place to amplify the good vibes: Global Coherence Project

Fourth, if you want to go deeper into the quantum world, you need to know about the double slit experiment.



The world is healing. The evidence is all around us when we choose to see it.



Our wound is coming to a head so we may heal it. It illuminates the shadow of our disconnection. An old way of knowing is dying and a new way is emerging. We are in a transition between worlds. A birth canal. And every so often we feel a contraction, and we are pushed a little closer. Closer to each other. Closer to the earth and all life. Closer to the fact that our separateness is an illusion.


We are moving into a new era of consciousness where we have an increased awareness of how we individually and collectively affect our reality. I invite you to stay curious to what within you needs healing. Start there. And from there let your actions spring forth.


Open your heart and believe in yourself. You are indeed healing the world, from inside out. I am too. And together we are growing into the new earth.


“Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.”

~ Rumi