Every time I hear the term witch hunt used to describe the Mueller investigation my body braces.

I flinch.

My gut constricts.

My heart skips a beat.

My breath catches in my throat.

I frown and let out a long sigh.

This is not a witch hunt.

What qualifies as a witch hunt are the actions taken by systemic power structures that reinforce patterns of colonization, racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, ableism, speciesism, climate change skepticism, religious intolerance, and capitalism.

For starters.

A witch hunt is the murder of people of color, queer folx, women, immigrants, sex workers, religious minorities, other species, and the earth – by men with power-over and entitlement.  

The patriarchy is a system designed to privilege men* and support their accumulation of power. It’s all about power-over and entitlement.

Add in systemic whiteness and capitalism and you get the flavor of patriarchy that’s been in heavy rotation for the last several hundred years. To which Trump is the poster child.

Holding him accountable is not a witch hunt.

What qualified as a witch hunt was the 60k + women murdered throughout Europe between 1450 – 1750. Some towns lost all their women. Women were being burned alive at the same time as the Age of Discovery colonized the world – in some cases sending the same bishops across the seas to murder indigenous people for witchcraft.

Why? For land. For resources. For bodies and workers.

The Burning Times overlapped and preceded the Age of Enlightenment – which gave us the mind-body split and all the philosophical justification needed to cope with the meta-pattern of cultural dissociation that resulted from this campaign of terror and colonization

A campaign of terror that is still ongoing and perpetuated by privileged men with power-over and entitlement. This is true in the industrialized west – as well as around the world

In this day in age, I can feel relatively safe as a white cis-presenting femme person doing witchy work in the world. But I still must tend my witch wound – this part of me that is afraid to be seen for having power. My deep down irrational fear of being persecuted or cast out or worse.

But is this fear irrational? Historically, no.

And my body holds this ancestral memory.

Yours does too. We all carry the witch wound in how we carry the scar of colonization in our cultural minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits.

We are products of our external reality.  And Trump’s America reinforces a vigilant pattern of disembodiment.  

How about this – when I don’t feel my body brace every time I tell a stranger I’m a witch, then maybe it’s ok for a dude who is losing power to use the phrase witch hunt…

Or better yet – let’s make it when all the marginalized people alive today, get reparations paid to their descendants for several hundred years…and when the patriarchy falls and all the “isms” mentioned above are a thing of the past – then maybe I would let it slide…

But actually I wouldn’t, because – in order to claim and use the term witch hunt accurately you need to be experiencing systematic oppression. And the fall of the patriarchy doesn’t count as oppression. 

So it appears there is no justifiable reason to use the term witch hunt to describe your experience Mr. Trump.

And as you rest easy today, the real witch hunt continues.

I want to offer some love vibes out to all the witches out there doing the work of resistance, restoration, reclamation, and helping reweave our world.

More power to you all!

Word to word,

xo ~ Portia

*As a lover of men and a mother of a little white boy, I have a lot of compassion for how the patriarchy is also damaging to men and boys. But that is another post…