ADULT CONVOS ~ with Andy Adam of The Growth Arc

Looking to talk all things “adult”? Look no further. Bring your wonderful self and maybe some snacks and a drink and join us at Tall Reeds Healing Arts to talk sex, communication, non-monogamy, jealousy, or anything else that’s on your heart. The meeting will be loosely structured with an emphasis on discussion, questions, and community. All are welcome: single, coupled, non-monogamous, or questioning – all genders, races, and appearances. Come as you are, with an open mind.

DATE / TIME:  Adult Convos meets from 7-9pm on the last Friday of each month at Tall Reeds Healing Arts.

EXCHANGE: This event has a $15 – $30 sliding scale.

REGISTRATION: Because of space limitations in 2020, Adult Convos: Last Fridays at Tall Reeds Healing Arts will using be a reserved space fee! Reserve your space HERE.

A B O U T   A N D Y


“Growth Arc — [definition]: When one overcomes an internal opposition (insecurities, fear, the past, etc.) while facing an external opposition and, as a result, becomes a fuller, better person.”

Andy created The Growth Arc after having seen firsthand the positive influence that relationship coaching can have, and has had in her own life. By having a space to be honest with yourself, you can start the (often difficult) journey to being honest with communicating your needs to others. Andy’s background is in education.

She’s been teaching in 7-12 public schools for eight years and her M.A. degree is in Educational Leadership in Human Development. It was during her master’s program that she found the tools for ‘successful’ polyamory and wanted to find a way to teach those tools to anyone in relationships.

While practicing non-monogamy has helped her accomplish this most fully, she   understands that isn’t the path for everyone. Andy also works with monogamous couples and individuals to help accomplish healthier relationship goals through education, honesty, and truth-seeking.

She believes everyone deserves to be working towards happy in all relationships in their lives. Whether these relationships are ones with friends, family members, co-workers, lovers, spouses, or children.

You can connect more with Andy via her website – and follow her on Instagram at @thegrowtharc.