Are you ready to connect with your healthy wise ancestors? Do you want to experience a deep rooted sense of belonging and pride with your people? Are you passionate about social/racial/earth justice work and cultural healing and looking to source your external efforts from the well of your own personal process of lineage reclamation?

This healing container is designed to guide you through the process of connecting with your ancestors of blood lineage (and/or adoptive lineage) with the intention of fostering healthy cultural attachment, supporting your somatic awareness and embodiment of ancestral energies, and offering healing to the aspects of your lineage that are not yet well.

You will gain somatic, intuitive, and ritual skills to continue to build relationships with your dead and give reverence. As you strengthen your lineage support system, you will begin to feel more and more rooted, protected, and blessed – and more resilient and inspired to show up in service to the collective liberation of all peoples and lineages.

8 sessions ~ $920