Boundless Heart

Boundless Heart

Boundless Heart ~ with Laura Adrian

This is a experiential group process of connecting to the rhythm of our own hearts and the universal rhythm of giving and receiving. Through this practice of giving and receiving we feel a part of the flow of life—the flow of the universe.  
This practice reminds us we are worthy of receiving AND we have something to offer for the benefit of others.  We may not notice it unless we examine it with an honest lens, but one of the blockages that prevents us from living as a powerful, embodied, expressive, nourished woman is the practice of receiving skillfully.
It may sound simple, but you may be able to recall scenarios where you wouldn’t allow yourself receive a money, help, or a compliment.  When we are closed to receiving, the world becomes tight, constricted, and small.  We may feel unworthy of receiving, or have a “do it all by myself” attitude.  We get to practice freely giving—tapping into the unique way you give to others.   When we learn to give from the heart, we are sending a message to ourselves, people around us, and to the Universe, “others can benefit from my time, energy, words, actions, and/or money.”

By experiencing the ‘Boundless Heart,’ it tends to be easier to face life in all of its joys and sorrows…reminding us of our fearless, boundless nature.

DATE: Saturday April 4th 7-9pm


REGISTRATION: Space is limited to 15 spots. You are welcome to register HERE.


A B O U T  L A U R A

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Laura Adrian ~ is a healer, spiritual explorer, outdoor adventurer, and forever a student of life.

Her aim is to support people on their paths to experience their innate brilliance through practices that are non-harming, empowering, and fun. Laura has been practicing yoga since 2004 and has training in yoga (primarily kundalini and vinyasa), EarthWork, Celtic Shamanism, Mindfulness Meditation, CranioSacral Therapy and a number of other healing modalities. She is also the founder of the Earth Medicine Women’s Gathering.
You can connect more with Laura at her website and on Instagram at @wholelifeelevation.