CALLING ALL ORACLES ~ with Portia Richardson

Are you longing to develop your intuitive and psychic powers? And do you feel passionately about using these skills for healing our world? Then please join Portia Richardson in this channeling circle for beginners!!

Portia will guide you through experiential practices that open your energy fields so that you may connect with higher vibrational consciousness to seek guidance, heal yourself and others, manifest your dreams, and evolve towards yours highest potential.

This is a time in our history where we are being asked to step into our power as conscious energetic beings. We all possess an innate ability to affect our world beyond the scope of material reality. However, many of us are disconnected from our true nature as oracles. Therefore, the intention of this circle is to provide gentle instruction and coaching to help you hone your psychic skills. Lastly, this circle is free of judgement, ego, expectations, and any agenda other than aligning with the forces of love consciousness.

All circles are limited to 10 people per session. You are encouraged to come regularly. No experience necessary! All welcome!

Please bring a journal and any sacred items that will help ground and support you as you do these practices.

DATE: next Minneapolis date TBA – more details will be posted as needed.

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.  ~ Lao Tzu