CIRCLE: A donation-based support group for humans who are healing ~ with Portia Richardson.


I decided to create this circle at the request of my beloved clients and honor their desire to feel held in community as they do the deep work of transformational healing – however you do not need to be a client of mine to come into this space. I welcome new comers and folks who may be curious to experience group support work and meet me.

This circle is open to all humans who are moving through difficult transitions and in a process of healing (in mind, body, heart, spirit, and relationships). However, it is not a substitute for more specific care that you may need.

Our structure is simple and guided by a sacred listening and speaking practice. Everyone will get equal time to share. All voices will be heard.

We may also use simple somatic and ritual practices when appropriate to help support our time together.

As you enter this space, I invite you to gently set aside assumptions and judgments of yourself and others and move into a place of curiosity and witnessing.

Please be on time and respectful to the guidelines and boundaries that are meant to keep everyone feeling safe. I will restate the expectations for participation at the beginning of each circle whenever there are new people joining.

No pre-registration necessary. Drop-ins welcome.


Upcoming Dates: TBA – this circle has been temporarily paused.

Please email me with any questions, concerns, thoughts, reflections –

I look forward to being with you in Circle.