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CLEARING CREATIVE BLOCKS – working intentionally with the Law of Attraction ~ with Mama Rose

This workshop is for creative people, which means… all of us! Whether you are just beginning to understand that you create your own reality and that we co-create our world OR you have been working intentionally with the Law of Attraction for some time, this workshop is for you.

Join Mama Rose in a safe space where we will explore the powerful healing and spiritual restoration that comes with directed intention and emotional vulnerability through; creative exercises, energy work, conversation, guided meditation and self-exploration.

This workshop combines group work and inner-work to allow the belief structures and emotional blockages that prevent us from being fully embodied and in-touch with our intuition, to shift and make space so that  new opportunities, inspiration and ideas flow easily into our experience. The work we do here is greatly amplified by the joint intention of the group. 

Creative blocks arise in our lives when we fall out of rhythm with the natural, synchronistic cycles of our mind, body and emotions. There are simple tools and practices that we can use to remember our power to choose love in each moment so that our experience is always being directed by our highest-self: the ultimate intention of creating love, freedom, balance, joy and harmony for all people and throughout all systems. 

We see creative blocks shift easily and naturally to restore balance to the whole person when we are in a safe, community space where we can allow our thoughts, emotions and bodies to move freely and reorganize. As the person is restored to health they naturally attract balanced experiences that meet them with opportunities for supported growth.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the basics of intuitive energy healing
  • Experiment with embodiment through intuitive movement
  • Write through emotional blockages via guided free-writing and prompted exercises
  • Learn how to move freely within our creative cycles of input and output/rest and action to create in a way that is balanced, fulfilling and enlivening 
  • Share your personal narrative with the group as much as you are comfortable
  • Participate in a 15 minute guided meditation with words by Mama Rose and soundscape by Bryan Schumann 
  • Create a personal guide for your continued practice

“The world around us is always conspiring with us. When we allow ourselves to feel our full range of emotions and think all of our thoughts without the need to understand them, we shift into a perspective where we have the freedom to move and explore based on our heart’s direction. This is stepping into our creative power. It is here that we find ourselves and all lanes of creative expression open to make space for us.” – Mama Rose

DATE / TIME : Friday November 15th – 7:00-9:00pm

REGISTRATION: You can register by emailing Mama Rose at She will follow up with you with instructions on payment and other event details.  


Photo by Sarah White

Charlotte “Mama” Rose is an artist, psychic, mother and community organizer whose life work is to create freely and inspire others by sharing both her creations and her process. Mama Rose is ordained and certified in Reiki and sees clients both one-on-one and in groups for Psychic Work, Energy Healing, Creative Coaching and ceremony. 

She writes a monthly, “Affirmation”, column for the Edge Magazine, is the sole-contributor to her blog, curates performance art events around the Twin Cities, shares free content daily on social media @dearmamarose, is published in multiple anthologies including most recently, “Upon Waking: 58 voices from the shadow of abuse”. She performs music, movement and live-visual art and is ¼ of the hip hop group, PACT. 

Currently she is curating, headlining and hosting a four month residency called, “Vulnerable”, which is a safe space for performance art, visual art and community connection through emotional vulnerability. Find dates and more info including featured artist and how you can participate in the open-mic on

Mama Rose is an in-house practitioner with Tall Reeds Healing Arts where you can book sessions in person and additionally offers many of her services remotely via phone. 

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