Tall Reeds Healing Arts values weaving community and connecting with healers, teachers, artists, and interdisciplinary practitioners working at the intersections of healing, spirituality, activism, and creative expression!


U P C O M I N G  G U E S T S

These dynamic Community Guests will be offering classes, events, workshops in the space. See Upcoming Events for their current offerings. 

 S O N I A  E V E N


SONIA EVEN ~ (she/her) is a musician, green witch, and healer. As a licensed acupuncturist and clinical herbalist, she helps women (and all femme-identified individuals) address burn-out and realign with their natural rhythms, focusing on female reproductive health, pregnancy support, and mental wellness.

Sonia is on a mission to introduce modern seekers to the ancient wisdom of witchcraft, and to guide them to their own one-of-a-kind spiritual practice. By helping individuals heal, embrace spirituality, connect to nature, and develop reverence for the divine feminine, she hopes to bring about positive change in the world at a time when it is needed most.

Sonia is facilitating an on-going Witchy Wellness series + a Green Witch 101 series in 2020.


A L I  M A I L A N D E R


Ali Mailander (MPH, certified health coach) ~ is a health and wellness guide and ambience freak.

From 2010-2017 she worked in behavior change research, sleep health, and health promotion at HealthPartners and on college campuses. She has spent the last 2.5 years exploring the home. She has a deep love for making spaces comfortable and assessing how our home relates to our well-being and shapes our behavior. She helps people set up spaces in practical yet romantic ways that encourage nourishing rituals.

Ali has Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease, and is passionate about helping others with autoimmune issues. She spends her free time inventing recipes, digging in the dirt, and musing over her toddler’s questions.

Ali is co-facilitating a Witchy Wellness series in 2020.


L A C E Y  P R P I C  H E D T K E

LACEY PRPIC HEDTKE ~ is a photographer, astrologer, witch, arts organizer and public artist.

She works with traditional darkroom photographic processes and public art exploring the themes of history of place, protection, magic, and remembrance.

In 2017 she opened The Future–a project and residency space that acts as a community center for artists, healers, and witches.

Lacey has been a part of organizing Art Shanty Projects, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre’s MayDay Parade and Festival, The Floating Library, BareBones Halloween Extravaganza, Common Field’s Hand-in-Glove, Constellation, and Twin Cities Zinefest.

She’s been studying astrology for 25 years, and has completed many astrology and tarot trainings. Lacey trained to be a medium and perform the laying on of hands energy healing with the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism.  She was a resident during the Golden Dome School’s Justice residency.

Lacey lives in Minneapolis on Dakota and Anishinaabe traditional, ancestral, unceded, occupied territories. Her family is from Croatia, Slovenia, and Macedonia, by way of the Iron Range.

Lacey is co-facilitating a Witchy Wellness series in 2020.


J E S S E  W H I T N E Y

Jesse Whitney ~ is a synthesist and composer.

His work encompasses a wide variety of endeavors, including noise improv trio The Blight & production for the witchy art-pop of Scinnlæce, as well as solo works for modular synthesizer. His solo work is primarily concerned with the effects of sound on consciousness and how that might be utilized to affect positive changes in humanity. He lives in Minneapolis.

Jesse is the curator of the Envelop series and the featured artist for March.


L A U R A  A D R I A N

resizedImage (1)

Laura Adrian ~ is a healer, spiritual explorer, outdoor adventurer, and forever a student of life.

Her aim is to support people on their paths to experience their innate brilliance through practices that are non-harming, empowering, and fun. Laura has been practicing yoga since 2004 and has training in yoga (primarily kundalini and vinyasa), EarthWork, Celtic Shamanism, Mindfulness Meditation, CranioSacral Therapy and a number of other healing modalities. She is also the founder of the Earth Medicine Women’s Gathering.
Laura is offering an upcoming class called Boundless Heart in April 2020.


P A S T  G U E S T S

These fabulous friends are welcome back to create magical offerings anytime!

B E N J A M I N  M E T T E Y

Benjamin Mettey ~ is a Twin Cities-based artist and composer working with the medium of sound.

He seeks to create work that is informed by impermanence, the transformative nature of listening, and creation as a liberative act. Through self-produced recordings and live performances, he creates work that pushes the listener’s perception of sound and space. Most recently, Ben collaborated with Twin Cities video artist Chris LeBlanc on a presentation of audio visual work called Sea of Clouds, held at the White Page gallery in Minneapolis.
Ben was the feature artist in the Envelop series for Janurary 2020.

J U S T I N  J O N E S

Justin Jones ~ is a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Choreographer, a Composer, a Dancer, a Dance Educator, a Friend, a Grandson, a Co-Parent, a Jones, a 2007 McKnight Fellow, a Podcast Producer, a Pre-School Teacher, a Sibling, a Skater, a Son and a Sound Designer.

Justin was the feature artist in the Envelop series for February 2020.


P A I G E  H A R B E R

PAIGE HARBER ~ is a bodyworker and bioregional herbalist. She is a massage therapist at Spot Spas in Northeast Minneapolis.

Paige integrates both Western and Eastern philosophies into her sessions with in training in Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Swedish, and Therapeutic massage.

At the core of her practice, she believes energy and emotions play a key role in our health and vitality. After years spent on each coast, Paige is deeply inspired by the Upper Midwest bioregions modeling great diversity and resiliency, and weaves this earth-centered model in all of her treatments.

Paige co-facilitated the Witchy Wellness series in January 2020. _____________________________________________________________________

M A M A  R O S E

MAMA ROSE ~ is an artist, psychic, mother and community organizer who puts creative freedom at the forefront of her work.

She guides individuals and groups in a variety of settings to unlock their creative and psychic potential and learn to intentionally create the lives of their dreams. She also specializes in healing and balancing the body, mind and emotions through psychic and energy work. Her artwork is multi-disciplinary and spans from music, movement and performance to visual art and modeling with content ranging from spiritual and sexual exploration to activism and motherhood. She is 1/4 of the hip hop group, PACT.

E R I N  A N D E R S O N

ERIN ANDERSON ~ believes humans are exquisite creatures of infinite potential with a curious habit of forgetting our divine nature.

In her work as an energy alchemist, she applies esoteric wisdom and the occult arts to help people heal through direct experiences of their divinity. A Ritual Master of Ceremonial Magick in the hermetic King Salomon Lineage, Erin studies and practices mystical technologies ranging from Enochian magick to sacred geometry. She also teaches mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques that incorporate creative visualization and sound therapy. Erin’s favorite form of self-care is spellcraft. Her childhood hero is Teela Na (the Sorceress of Grayskull), and she opens doors very slowly to make sure she doesn’t topple unsuspecting faeries. Remarkably, she considers herself a skeptic.

Erin was a guest facilitator as part of the Evidenced Based Magic For Science Witches series.


A M A N D A  L E A V E C K

AMANDA LEAVECK ~ uses science and magic to live deliciously, and she helps others do the same.

Through virtual courses, yoga, and coaching, Amanda offers experiences and education for people to access more ease and alignment in their every day life. In addition to attaining a B.S. in Neuroscience at the University of Saint Thomas, she graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in 2017, where she focused on the integral relationship between connective tissue and the nervous system. Her research-based approach to mindfulness is ignited by intuition, love, and a deep reverence for the unknown.

Amanda was a guest facilitator as part of the Evidenced Based Magic For Science Witches series.


H E A T H E R  S A G E

Heather - square headshot

HEATHER SAGE ~ is an alchemist and deep adaptation guide who believes that in this time of potent planetary and humxn transformation, we are each being called to adapt – in deep and emergent ways – to radical changes.

Connection to earth, eros, embodiment, and community strengthens the ground from which we evolve, and resource us through underworld journeys and the real work and art of healing. Heather’s offerings are sourced from these wells. She is a certified Functional Herbalist who weaves an ecstatic love of evolutionary astrology with the rich science and intuitive art of herbalism in her Astro-Herbal readings and medicines. Through her creative umbrella Aptus Alchemy, Heather creates medicines, rituals, and embodiment experiences to nourish and support these transformations, guided by careful listening to plants, soma, and planetary movements.

Heather co-facilitated Nourishing Our Roots : Intro to Pelvic Steam Therapy in December 2019!


O P A L  M C C A R T H Y

Opal McCarthy-2

OPAL MCCARTHY ~ is a poet, witness, and tender of the liminal spaces, attuned to life’s thresholds, the moments of wild becoming.

Here she creates places where your right to feel what you feel and know what you know about your body, cycles, sexuality, and creativity is affirmed and strengthened. Opal loves to study and share care practices that center the pelvic bowl as a liberatory source of pleasure, homecoming, and creative potential. Certified as a Vaginal Steam Facilitator, INNATE Postpartum Care Provider, and Holistic Birth Doula, Opal offers full spectrum doula care for birth, loss, and abortion. She also offers individual pelvic steam therapy for anyone who wants to balance their menstrual cycles, heal pelvic pain, or discover deeper embodiment and visionary power in the pelvic bowl.

Opal co-facilitated Nourishing Our Roots : Intro to Pelvic Steam Therapy in December 2019!