Here’s a shortish autobiographical sketch to give you a sense of my experience and orientation in this work!



I am a lifelong spiritual seeker. My interest is vast and eclectic and I am not an expert in any given area – but rather a synthesizer and weaver of many disciplines. I believe all rivers flow to the ocean.

I have studied with many mentors in various wisdom traditions over the years (see lineages below) and am an avid self-directed learner. I believe a “good” education comes in many forms – the most powerful of which is the divine mystery of direct knowing/experiencing.

I hope this autobiographical sketch gives you a sense of how my life evolution informs the work I do in the world now.


I’ve been sensitive to subtle energies all my life. As a child I lived in a vivid relational world alive with countless beings (embodied and disembodied, human and non-human). I explored cultivating my magic practice from a young age, but mostly kept it private from my wider social network out of fear of judgment.

I was a artsy young person passionate about personal expression through music, art, and performance (still true!). I’ve also always had a very strong affinity to the “natural” world and loved getting outdoors and exploring wild landscapes.

I grew up in Kansas in a socially progressive and mostly secular household. Relationally speaking I was raised predominately by my mother, who walked between the conventional and alternative healthcare worlds as a lymphodema therapist, yogi/transcendental meditator, and herbalist hedge witch, which had a big influence on me as I grew up. My parents were also involved in the local Celtic and American roots music communities, so I grew up with a lot of ancestral music present.  

In high school I was an honors student who was involved in a bazillion extra circular activities such as choir, drama club, track, basketball, various art projects. I was very energetically sensitive and empathic, but not able to hone these skills yet. I struggled with boundaries in romantic and sexual relationships, and began using cannabis and experimenting with entheogens to tend my wounds. I didn’t feel safe expressing the fullness of my inner witchy queer nature out of fear of social exile. High school was also when I became aware of the distorted power dynamics of cis-white-thin-ablebodied-pretty privilege and the objectification of womxn and bodies, in a very personal sense.

E A R L Y  2 0 0 0 ‘ s

I am very privileged to have had an excellent liberal arts undergraduate education from Knox College in Galesburg, IL, where I studied eastern philosophy, environmental philosophy, paleoanthropology, gender studies, feminism, human sexuality, Native American studies, systems ecology, and traveled abroad on two semester-long field research programs to Tanzania and Costa Rica. My extracurricular activities included co-hosting a college radio show, being involved in the experimental dance community, making short films with friends, and performing original music whenever possible. I eventually decided to major in biology because I fascinated by the interconnectedness of the material world. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Biology in 2003. During my summers I volunteer doing wildlife rehabilitation for a local shelter. I moved to Minneapolis in 2003 and have lived here ever since.

M I D   2 0 0 0 ‘ s

During this time in my life I engaged in a lot of self study of mind-body-spirit therapies and meditative practices, western herbalism, food therapy, energy healing techniques, social/environmental justice, feminism, anti-capitalist philosophies, as well as personally experimented with ceremonial/ ritual/therapeutic uses of psychoactive plant medicines.

I also indulged in the sex/drugs/and rock-n-roll lifestyle, along with a good dose of emotional and relational drama – with lots of camping trips to the north woods sprinkled in to keep me grounded and inspired. When my Saturn returned in my late twenties (and the band broke up), I decided to figure out my life (still in process!) and go back to graduate school.

2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 2

I began what would become a four year process of deep and intense academic education in multiple holistic health frameworks.  I first thought I wanted to go back to school for a masters in nursing and completed the nine fundamental courses needed to meet the requirements to apply to a program at the University of Minnesota. But, my the time I was ready to apply, it had become clear to me that the conventional healthcare route was not my soul’s calling – because I had also been taking a lot of courses through the Center for Spirituality and Healing. This felt more like home to me.

I enrolled in the general Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Integrative Therapies & Healing Practices program and took courses in plant medicines, ethnobotany, shamanism, reiki, systems healing, forgiveness and restorative justice, functional nutrition, yoga, Ayurveda, Tibetan medicine, and traveled abroad to Dharamasala, India to study at the Men-Tsee-Khan.  I was one credit shy of completion when I shift my credits towards enrolling in the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Integrative Therapies & Healing Practices: Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching track, which was another two years of study. Also, at this time, I decided to enroll in a three year Masters in Oriental Medicine program from the College of Oriental Medicine at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN.

Over the course of my clinical rotations while at both schools, I provided comprehensive care in multiple diverse settings throughout the Twin Cities area including Abbott Northwestern Hospital’s Penny George Institute, Fairview Hospital, Courage Kennedy Rehabilitation Institute, Aliveness Project, and Salvation Army Free Integrative Clinic, Pillsbury House Integrated Clinic. I graduated from the health coaching program in 2012 and from Asian medicine school in 2013.

2 0 1 3

During this time (as well as while I was in grad school) I continued to receive education in earth-honoring ways of healing and spiritual practice from various community teachers – as well as self-directed learning. I explored the worlds of neoshamanism, different forms of pagan revivalism, and started to edge into what would become a sustained and on-going ancestral healing process for me.

I was also beginning to actively unpack my white privilege with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement – and starting to take a critical look at how whiteness shows up within the spiritual-wellness industry and higher education – personally and systemically.  This process also began to shift and deepen my feminist/womanist and anti-capitalist worldview. 

I began co-teaching graduate courses through the Center of Spirituality and Healing in the Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching masters program (five semesters) and Fundamentals of Shamanism and Shamanic Healing course (two semesters). I also co-taught a graduate Accessory Techniques course at Northwestern Health Sciences University (4 terms). I am very grateful to my mentors who call me into these opportunities to grow and expand in my knowledge and develop my skills with holding  group space for healing and eduction. And, these teaching experiences informed my perspectives around social/racial equity work and representation within higher eduction.

2 0 1 4 – 2 0 1 5

I met my current partner and within a year, we had a house and a baby. This was a big initiation for me on many levels. To cope with the dramatic lifestyle change and all the stuff that comes up with parenthood/partnership, I began going to weekly somatic therapy sessions, which I have continued up until present and consider this approach very effective and transformational for me, both personally and professionally.

I kept working at clinics and teaching at the UMN. In tandem to this, I was also beginning to dive deeper into my understanding of healing trauma, the process of ritual ancestral healing, the nature of consciousness, quantum healing, parapsychology and biofield research, exploration of various ancient wisdom traditions and folk magic practices, channeling and intuitive practices, somatic and embodiment practices, social/racial/earth justice, and cultural healing.

I started my Instagram account @scinn.laece, which has evolved over the years and reflects my process of integration and self-discovery.

And just before the year ended, I decided to shift my clinical practice fully into Tall Reeds Healing Arts!

2 0 1 6

I also came out of the broom-closet at a witch in the early spring of 2016 after a powerful healing and ceremonial experience with Ayahuasca. Shortly after this, my ancestral spirits gave me the assignment to form a local open coven to honor the moon cycles and create space to uplift the divine femme energies. It was called Moon Sisters MPLS – and we gathered every dark/empty moon for almost two years. It was a wonderful and challenging experience for me. I learned so much from holding that space.

I continued to explore and evolve in my feminism and social/racial justice ethos as the process of creating intentional womxn’s spaces and experiencing motherhood and parenthood shaped my understanding of systemic oppression and intersectionality.  

2 0 1 7

I became nationally certified health and wellness coach through the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching. As well as continued my education and coaching in social-racial justice, ancestral healing, folk magic, somatics, ritual, sound healing, sexual healing, decolonization, and 5D paradigm shifting.

I also co-created and facilitated my first womxn’s ceremonial retreat and began to write for witchy publications and speak on podcasts that felt resonant.

I created several new classes and events including Calling All Oracles, Conscious Community Meet-Up, Invoking the Whore, Love Light + Whiteness, Sisterhood and the Sacred Mirror, and Uploading the New Earth

I began to record my first solo album of original music and stoke the fires of my creative expression in a more direct way.

2 0 1 8

I continued to teach courses at my practice and within the community that felt aligned with my personal interest and path. I had the pleasure and honor of offering classes at Spirit Weavers, Moon Mountain Gathering, and several other womxn’s spaces – and I’m very interested in how to make these spaces safer and braver for all femme identifying peoples.

My spirit team and ancestors gave me a new assignment to create my Tending the Witch Wound program and begin to explore the conversation of decolonization from a cultural perspective and acknowledgement of a macro-pattern of disharmony (and disembodiment) that is present for all colonized peoples. This assignment was also informed by a series of clairvoyant visions of energetic patterns that I had been receiving in my clinical practice with clients. This program acted as a healing spell and a gift for me to create and teach.

I took a deep dive into the world of online education and studied with several amazing teachers and healers who are themselves synthesizers of medicine ways – as well as continued my on-going in-person mentorships in the areas of anti-racism, ancestral healing, folk magic, somatics, and ritual within the local community. (Again see lineage list below)

2 0 1 9

In 2019 my studies focused on centering more somatic/neurobiology and embodiment work, sweetening my ancestral connection, fine tuning my subtle energy perception and manipulation, becoming more accepting and comfortable with my channeling abilities (including having two full-trance channeling experiences), working with plant/fungi/mineral/earth-based allies (especially those considered toxic), creating more space for personal expression and using music/art/words as medicine, anti-racism, and direct and indirect activism. I continued to dig into the history/herstory/theirstory of the European witch hunts, the rise of capitalism, and the colonization of body/land/culture. I did a lot of active listening to BIPOC and GNC folx and integrating what came up for me. 

I was on the co-creation team that organized the first Come-UNITY Village at Spirit Weavers Gathering, which is an effort dedicated to creating brave space for equity work within the gathering. I also taught and held space for anti-racism and social justice work at the Origins Gathering.

I continued to teach my program Tending the Witch Wound, as well as developed new in-person classes such as Altered States: Exploring Consciousness + Your Multidimensional Self, Animism + Earth Honoring: Rituals for Regeneration, Embodied Lineage Healing for Spiritual Activists, Evidence Based Magic for Science Witches, The Medicine of Wounded Healers, Sacred Cycles + Finding Flow, and Witches Flight Night

I had the joy of teaching more in the community at several beautiful healing spaces: Sacred Space, Yess Yoga, The Whispering Cave, and Healing Elements. Check out and support these local gems! 

I also returned to Northwestern Health Sciences University to co-teach in the Asian medicine program. 

On a fun note, I released my first solo album DEER AND THE SNOW on the full moon eclipse in January 2019 under the name Scinnlaece (which means “witch”, or more accurately “veiled healer” in Old English) – and released my follow up album THE GARDEN on Friday, September 13th on the full moon in pisces. They are both magical and I’m very proud to share them with you.

2 0 2 0

As 2020 begins, I am focusing my energy on quality 1:1 care with my clients at Tall Reeds and finding so much joy in my therapeutic work. 

I am continuing to teach at the Center of Spirituality and Healing and Northwestern Health Science University, as well as at Tall Reeds, around town at other beautiful spaces, and at the Spirit Weavers Gathering – and absolutely love holding space for learning and connecting.

I’m also continuing on as part of the Come-UNITY Village facilitation team for Spirit Weavers and am super excited about year two!

Locally, I was invited to consult on curating an upcoming event at the Weisman Art Museum called The Covening. I advocated for the creation of a circular leadership team and invited in several other local leaders in the magical activist community to co-create this event. We are working behind the scenes to weave a powerful experience for you. 

I opened my Tending the Witch Wound interview series to public access – and decided to pause on offering the program so I can open space for new assignments to come through – and I’m feeling them coming in!

This year my passions center around exploring how the field of somatics can help us as we navigate climate chaos and the environmental trauma of the anthropocene. I intend to create new offerings to hold community space to explore our collective grief and find ways to mobilize our energy towards solutions and regeneration. I’m currently moving through a three month somatic mentorship program to support my process. 

Personally, I’m very inspired by the Zero Waste movement and am actively trying to cultivate more sustainable personal practices around waste production and consumption. I’m taking this great class by my friend Corinne Loperfido!

I’m also inspired to go deeper in my study of my ethic folk magic practices and the history of my ancestors. I’m currently studying the colonization and displacement of my Gaelic ancestors, while very slowly studying conversational Gaelic in my spare time, as well as learning to chant with a stav and tein like the Nordic Volva’s of old. 

I’m continuing to chip away at making my personal music and hope to release another album later this year! And I’m interested in creating unique community-based experiences that center non-traditional forms of sound-healing – such as the Envelope sound series. 

This feels like a big year of expansion and anchoring. Thank you to all who support me on my path!

To be continued…


These institutions, organizations, and individuals have shaped my eclectic path, formally and informally. Some of these relationships are intimate and embodied, others distant and/or virtual, and the list of my teachers within each institution is too long to include here. Ultimately this list is simply meant to give you a flavoring of my philosophical orientation, interest, and a snap shot of my educational experience. I consider these lineages as influences and do not subscribe blindly to any one tradition. However, I am deeply grateful for the generosity with which all of these rivers of knowledge flow to and through me – and I invite and encourage you to explore these resources and support these people!

Note – this list doesn’t include all the authors of books that rock my world, but a select few authors/teachers who have really shifted my perspective in a critical way. Also, I want to give a shout out to the free resource of YouTube presentations that have floated me through passages where I had a strong desire to learn but no cash to pay for education.


Corinne Loperfido

Patti Elledge

The Hidden Glen Folk School


Associated Colleges of Midwest

Center for Spirituality & Healing: University of Minnesota

College of Continuing and Professional Studies: University of Minnesota

Knox College

Men Tsee Khang : Tibetan Medicine and Astro. Institute

Northwestern Health Sciences University

University of Dar es Salaam


Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine

Ancestral Medicine

Catrice Jackson

Center for Mind Body Medicine

Coaching As Activism

Devanadi School of Yoga & Wellness

Diane Poole Heller

Energetic Justice

Ericka Hart

Erin Telford

Lara Veleda Vesta

Layla Saad


Masharishi Mahesh Yogi

National Wellness Institute

Peter Levine

Providing Trauma-Informed Care

Resmaa Menakem

Selfish Activist

Spring Forest Qigong

Society for Acupuncture Research

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

Sounds True

Sharon Blackie

The Power Path School of Shamanism


Drumming the Soul Awake

Kate Daly

Lana Holmes

Susan Raffo

The Center Within

The Growth Arc


Abigail Rose Clarke

Adrienne Maree Brown

April Harter

Betty Martin

Carmen Spagnola

Consciousness and Healing Initiative

Esther Perel

Gabor Mate

Hearth Math Institute

Institute for Noetic Sciences

James Endredy

Kari Tauring

Science & Nonduality

Silvia Federici

Skeptical about Skeptics

Stone Circle Press


The Work That Reconnects

Wednesday Martin


See my MEDIA + EXTRAS page for podcast/TV interviews + written pieces.