Electric Sex

Wild + Vibrant date nights – 3 couples playshops to warm up your winter! ~ with Lydia-Rose Dolan

In these couples playshops, join Lydia Rose as she guides you through exercises designed to bring wildness and vibrancy to your sex life!These date nights are designed to warm you both up for sexual magic later in the evening after the course, or as a guide to plan a sex focused date with a partner or lover at a later time.

Curious about switching things up in a long term partnership, trying something new, or embracing more pleasure? Come join us in breathwork, intimacy games, ritual, and sex magic for enlivening your delicious connection and expanding your heart and orgasms. Herbal tonics, and raw cacao will be provided for your embodiment and pleasure. Guaranteed to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

All types and flavors of couplings welcome. Fully clothed experience, safe + intimate + exciting.

3. //electricsex/

Electric, pulsing, buzzing! The ability to have a range of sensation during sex can be absolutely freeing. Grow together in your sexual foundation and your sexual sensitivity! If you struggle with getting in your head during sex, numbness, blocks or fears, or just want more deep dreamy sensitivity, this date night is yours. Using sex magic, body meditations, movement, and learning focused orgasmic touch rituals, we will create an opportunity to break free from conditioning to serve your highest sensual exquisiteness! Leave more embodied and effervescently sensual.

Date: Saturday, March 24th – 6:30-8:30pm

Exchange: $85 per couple per night (Pay at the door)

Register by clicking: ELECTRIC SEX (Register individually)
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