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Embodied Lineage Healing for Spiritual Activists: a group intensive ~ with Portia Richardson

Are you longing to show up in service to our collective liberation, but feel a sense of stuckness, resistance, restlessness in your body – or perhaps not feel in your body most of the time?

Perhaps you struggle with feeling overwhelmed, hyper-sensitive, or unsure of yourself when engaging in activist spaces and communities. You really want to participate in paradigm shifting and cultural change but find yourself getting easily tense or triggered.

Or you are ready to take your activism to a deeper level of personal lineage healing on behalf of the collective.

This four night group intensive is designed to give you basic ritual frameworks and somatic practices to help you cultivate a deeper sense of connection with your ancestors – and how they speak to you through your body – so you can better tend to your lineage wounds and show up with more ease, awareness, compassion, and power as you take meaningful actions towards increasing equity and justice in the world.

We will explore the general themes of:

  • embodiment work as it relates to healing cultural trauma
  • ancestral connection – both how to begin to build healthy relationships, as well as begin to heal what is not yet well in spirit and in body.
  • ritual work and ways to do deeper
  • how this work can support your spiritual practice and activism process

We will meet for 4 group sessions on Tuesday nights from 7:00pm-9:00 pm at Tall Reeds Healing Arts.

CLASSES (Dates/Themes)

9/17 –  EMBODIED LINEAGE: For our first class we will focus on learning the basics of how the environmental experiences of your human ancestors have shaped your material body – through exploring the world of somatics, epigentics, cellular memory, and more.

10/15 – THE SPIRIT WORLD: For our second class we will explore the process of connecting with and being supported by your ancestors who no longer have their material human bodies, but are every much alive within the spirit world.

11/12 (full moon) – HONORING RITUAL: For our third class we will co-create an honoring ritual to offer healing and blessings to your ancestors while the veil between worlds is thin.

12/17 – SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM: For our last class we will explore the concept of spiritual activism as it relates to lineage healing and embodiment as a way of integrating this series and supporting you to show up in service to our collective healing.


LOCATION: 2909 Bryant Ave S. #302, MPLS MN 55408

PARTICIPATION: In order to keep this container potent and relationally intimate, I am limiting the number of participants to 9 people. The intention here is to weave supportive community as we do this work. Please register early to assure your spot (see link below). I have also created a private website space for resource sharing and group discussions that will be used during the course as a way to stay connected in between sessions.

EXCHANGE: $222 for 4 classes (totaling 8+hours of contact time). Registration is now closed for this series. Next offering projected spring 2020.

ACCESSIBILITY: If you would like to be part of this healing container but are struggling with cost, please email me directly to discuss how we might find a mutual solution. Also – if you have any physical or mental/emotional health concerns that will need special accommodations, please email me prior to our first session so I can make appropriate arrangements to meet your needs.

SCHOLARSHIP: Three spots are reserved for black, indigenous, people of color, and/or gender non conforming people. Please email Portia at portia@tallreedshealingarts.com to reserve your spot.