This three-class series is for all you science witches out there looking to ground your magic in the latest cutting-edge research findings!

All classes will be on Sunday’s from 11am – 1pm at Tall Reeds Healing Arts. 

Here’s our general flow:

11/3 – CLASS 1 : The Magic of Mind – For our first class we will explore how the definition of mind has changed over time under the influence of cultural shifts. We will dive into the fascinating world of modern parapsychology research and consciousness studies. As well as go down the quantum rabbit hole.

11/10 – CLASS 2: The Magic of Body – For our second class we will build upon what we learned in the first class and expand into the realm of the heart, material body, and earth body. We will cover the topics of morphic resonance, electromagnetic energy and coherence, epigentics, cellular memory, non-locality, distance healing, and more!

11/ 17 – CLASS 3: The Magic of Spirit – For our final class we will focus on the non-material realms. We will discuss evidence for channeling, past-lives, multidimensional realities, disembodied spirits, near-death experiences, and more!

All classes will include:

  • discussions on how these topics can be applied to your everyday magic practice and spiritual activism, as well as help you share your practice with confidence while easing the taboo
  • experiential exercises to give you a feel of what’s possible
  • easy take-home practice suggestions for you to play with to support your integration.
  • group sharing and communal support

All humans welcome!

EXCHANGE: $123  Space is limited.  Registration will open in October! Sign up to my newsletter to get notified!

ACCESSIBILITY: If you would like to be part of this healing container but are struggling with cost, please email me directly to discuss how we might find a mutual solution. Also – if you have any physical or mental/emotional health concerns that will need special accommodations, please email me prior to our first class so I can make appropriate arrangements to meet your needs.

SCHOLARSHIP: Three spots are reserved for black, indigenous, people of color, and/or gender non conforming people. Please email Portia at portia@tallreedshealingarts.com to reserve your spot.