Invoking the Whore

INVOKING THE WHORE ~ with Portia Richardson

In this offering we will seek to connect with our inner sacred Whore and call her forth to act as a guiding force in our lives.
  • We will examine the oppression of womxn’s sensual creative power and aim to reconnect and reclaim what the whore represents by exploring the ancient herstory of the whore’s crucial role in sacred union with the Divine through embodied experience. 
  • We discuss the patriarchal smear campaign of womxn’s power through the use derogatory words and defaming of wild feminine archetypes – and learn how to purge our minds and bodies of this internalize misogyny and reclaim what is rightfully ours!
  • We will invite in practices of embodiment as a tool for deconstructing patriarchal influence through somatic experiencing and intuitive movement.
  • We will discuss body + sex positivity, body literacy, body autonomy, consent, being seen/visible, self-pleasure ritual, breaking the taboos, the role and rights of sex workers, more topics that arise out of our group!
  • We will realign to our collective truth via a group healing ritual.
Come prepared to caress the soft edges of your wild feminine and rediscover and awaken your latent sacred power. You will leave with practical skills for connecting to your dynamic, change-making force and a renewed commitment to everyday acts of lustful embodied worship of the Divine.

This class is for anyone identifying on the feminine spectrum and/or nonbinary.

NOTE: I have consulted with sex workers on the content of this course with the intention of uplifting and amplifying sex worker rights. For more information on these issues I encourage you to check out the work of SWOP USA. And watch this TED Talk by Juno Mac called “The laws that sex workers really want.”

DATE: Spirit Weavers Gathering (2018, 2019, 2020) + Origins Gathering (2019). Next local dates tba. 

Art by Albrecht Dürer : The Whore of Babylon, 1498