Do you want to refresh and renew your mind, body, and spirit? Are you longing for a comprehensive approach that will support your health and wellbeing? Are you wondering which type of healing practice will be most helpful to you? Look no further!

This healing container is designed to give you a three-part reboot to your system:

  • MIND: Your 1st appointment will be a 1 hour Intuitive Guidance session where you will explore your intentions, hopes, desires, fears, and challenges. I will work with you, your spirit guides, and the energetic field of our collective consciousness to channel information that may bring clarity, affirmation, inspiration, and a renewed purpose to your healing process. I will co-create with you a simple and fun game plan for you to move forward in a direction that feels easy and inspired. You will leave with new discoveries and insights that will allow you to deepen your self-awareness, find clarity, open into a greater understanding of your story, and feel confident in creating new patterns.
  • BODY: Your 2nd appointment will be a 1 hour Integrative Follow Up session that includes somatic work, bodywork, cupping, acupuncture, energy work, guided imagery, food therapy, and possibly herbal therapy. You will leave feeling relaxed, embodied, and firmly rooted in the present. You may also feel more energy in the days following the session.
  • SPIRIT: Your 3rd appointment will be a 2 hour long Wyccecræft session. This session is focused on multidimensional quantum healing. I will guide you into an altered state of consciousness that allows you to expand your awareness into parallel worlds and alternative realities. You will be supported in releasing and repairing these vibrational wounds and return to this Earthy plane of existence renewed and vibrant. This session includes guided meditation, breathwork, energy healing, channeling, sound healing (sound bath with a full set of clear crystal 432A Hz singing bowls), divination, and ritual. Bring a journal!

In this healing container each session builds on the previous work you have done. By the end you will feel a release of what is no longer useful to you and the germination of a new, more vital energetic pattern emerging. You are welcome to repeat this process as many times as you need.

3 sessions ~ 3 months  


“Portia is incredibly intuitive, gentle, and humble. She sees the light in everyone and works to reflect it back so we all can recognize it within ourselves. Portia is the type of healer the world needs. My life has been changed in a big way because of our work together.” ~ S. B.