Have you been feeling the witchy itch and looking for more one-on-one support with how to go deeper? Are you interested in incorporating more spirituality into your day to day life and/or professional practice? Are you interested in developing your magic and using it to help save the world?

This healing container is designed to support your process of integrating the woo woo into your life to the degree you feel comfortable. This looks different for everyone! And therefore this container is able to adapt to meet your specific needs.

You can sign up for either a 3 or 9 session container. The shorter container (3 sessions) is great if you are looking for a boost of inspiration and guidance. You may have a magic practice that has gotten a bit dusty and you want a refresher.

The longer container (9 sessions) is perfect for those of you who want support developing your practice over time and perhaps have not had much experience working with magic practice. We can go slower and deeper with a longer container.

You can decided which size fits your needs!

The frequency of sessions will vary depending on how focused or spacious you want to be, however a range of every 2-6 weeks between sessions is suggested. All sessions are one hour.

3 sessions ~ $333

9 session ~ $891