Here’s some fun video and podcast interviews + written pieces for you. Enjoy!


My music project: Scinnlæce

Written piece for Sacred Space’s blog The Starseed’s Almanac : Death As Ally

TV interview with Healthcare Minnesota (local cable) : Mind Body Heart Spirit Community

Written interview with Your Beginner Witch: Integrative Healing with Portia Richardson

Tall Reeds blog post: What Qualifies as a Witch Hunt?


Video interview with Jasna Burza : Interview with a Witch

Podcast interview with Vagina Talks: Magic Comes from the Stars

Podcast interview with Soul Shine Astrology: The Cosmic Calling

Written interview with Higher Self Care: Self Care in Patriarchy + Soul Notes


Below are a bunch of old Tall Reeds blog posts. I was on a roll for a minute – then had a kid and needed to take a break (hence very little posts in 2016 and nothing in 2017). 

Birth of a Mother 


A healer’s quest for connection

Heal the World from the Inside Out

Back in the Saddle Again

Embracing Your Flipside: An Experiment in Authenticity 


Fertile Garden : Baby Making Tips for Mind, Heart, Spirit

Let Go: Fall has Flung

My conservation with an acupuncture skeptic

Relax: Spring has Sprung

Health Coaching at a Glance