Moon Sisters MPLS : farewell love fest

MSMpls love fest

This is a causal gathering and love fest – on the full moon – to celebrate the experience of Moon Sisters MPLS and officially release our circle back into the great void.

This last circle will be on the full moon – instead of the dark moon – and on New Years Day. We will be connecting with the energies of death and rebirth, gratitude, and celebration.



Portia Richardson created Moon Sisters MPLS in the spring of 2016 – after an urgent channeled message to gather the women around the moon. There was no plan or road map. Just a clear order from the Otherworld – do this NOW! It started with just her as a facilitator – and then quickly expanded to include many other co-creators, space holders, and seers. We became a collective of witches, feminine warriors, and wild women.
(More info about who we are can be found here:

In the last year and a half, we have seen an explosion of divine feminine consciousness emerge all over the world (women’s march, #meetoo , witch chic etc…) – and here in the Twin Cities the witchy trend is bubbling up out of the cauldron. Moon circles and divine feminine spirituality are all the rage – now more than ever before!

Portia has no doubt that the energy of the Moon Sisters Mpls collective played an important (although mostly unground/behind the scenes) role in adding to the morphic resonance of this global movement! And what a joy it is to see the ripple effects reverberating out and bounce back in numerous immeasurable ways. Our magic was fucking powerful!

And yet – it has now become clear to Portia that her role in this particular aspect of consciousness shifting is no longer needed. She continues to get messages from the Otherworld and new assignments that require her focus and dedication. So as the main creative force behind Moon Sisters MPLS – she has come to the (very bittersweet) decision to release this circle back into the great void and rest in the knowing that others are eagerly picking up the torch (locally and globally) and creating new opportunities for this type of connection to be carried forward.

Her work here is done. She is complete.
And our circle has spoken!

So now let’s party and celebrate all the fun we had!!!


This circle is open to anyone connected to the Moon Sisters MPLS community. You do not need to have come to a previous circle to come to our last official circle.

If you are just discovering us – please join our Facebook group (which will live on as a virtual community hang – because why not) :

More details and updates of what to bring etc.. will be posted here as they arise.

Welcome sisters!