The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all and then stands back to see if we can find them.
~ Elizabeth Gilbert

Natalie Walstein is one part intuitive astrological counselor and one part down-to-earth life & career coach.

She is passionate about translating the ancient wisdom of astrology into simple, modern and easily understood guidance to aid creative & intuitive truth seekers in uncovering a greater sense of clarity and confidence around their true life calling.

As a life & career astrologer, intuitive coach, and lightworker behind Soulshine Astrology, Natalie has a special interest in soul purpose alignment, career coaching, creative empowerment, seasonal cycles, collective consciousness, and personal evolution.

Through her work with both life & career astrology, she aims to help clients of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and gender identities tap into their inner power and reconnect with their soul mission to bring more of their personal brand of much-needed magic into the world.

Natalie has gained her expertise by studying under several highly acclaimed professional astrologers who are well known for their unique & innovative approach in the field of astrology. She was also voted in the top 3 for Best Astrologer and #1 for Best Horoscopes for 2017 from Spirit Guides Magazine as part of their annual reader’s choice contest.


Personal Chart Reading:
  • Dive into the elements of your birth chart to reveal the cosmic blueprint behind your soul purpose and discuss current & upcoming life themes.
  • Includes: Chart Design + MP3 Recording + Oracle Card Reading + a list of upcoming dates sent via e-mail after your session
  • $133 for a 45-60 min. session
Career Alchemy Session:
  • Use astrology as a tool for uncovering your ideal career situation and finding a way to harmonize who you truly are with the work you do.
  • Optional: Compare your chart with your business’ chart, or another person’s chart to see how best you can work with another person. We can also look at astrocartography maps to determine the energy of locations you are looking at moving or traveling to.
  • Includes: Chart Design + MP3 Recording + Oracle Card Reading + a list of upcoming dates sent via e-mail after your session
  • $250 for a 60-120 min. session

E V E N T S  &  C L A S S E S

Manifestation & Art

New Moon New Year


 “My reading definitely gave me the insight I was looking for! I truly loved how beautifully Natalie explained my astrological positions and how they point out to what are the best actions for me to take, where my energy needs to go and what my soul came here to do! Thank you for the insightful reading. It looks so beautiful that I will print it out and have it somewhere I can look at it, and be reminded of what is possible for me as long as I take the leap towards my dreams.” – Valerie, Flower Essence Healer

“I absolutely loved my Career Alchemy Session with Natalie and wholeheartedly recommend the experience to anyone who is interested in exploring their career in a different light. Natalie helped me to better understand certain elements of my personality and behavior and provided me with some suggestions about how I can maximize my strengths in my career and business. It was a little spooky how accurate the reading was, with Natalie uncovering little details about my inner workings! Overall, I found the session to be incredibly insightful and I will use Natalie’s guidance to plan out any major launches or changes in my career and business, to be in line with the natural shifts in my energy and mindset.” – Becca, Career Coach

 “I really enjoyed my Career Alchemy Session that brought insights and confirmations in exactly the right time! It was like Natalie was summarizing my entire life thus far including personality traits, life challenges and spiritual discoveries and gifts, as well as capturing my hopes and desires for the future beautifully. It left me with more clarity, confidence and feeling exactly on the right path. Thank you, Natalie!” – Marie, Psychic Medium

“My session with Natalie was wonderful! She provided me so much information and guidance. Not only do I have a better understanding of myself as I am now, but I received some knowledge as to what’s coming up for me to work on within myself in the coming years. It was beautiful, fun, accurate, and I would recommend to anyone! Whether you have specific questions or just general curiosity – it will be well worth it! Natalie truly has a very special gift.” – Rachel, Creative Entrepreneur


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