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You may have heard of “yoni steaming,” a practice of bathing the generative organs in warm herbal steam. Vaginal or pelvic steaming has been in practice across many cultures through deep time, wisdom only recently displaced by male doctors and gynecology. Recent studies have affirmed what midwives and village-centered healers have long known: pelvic steaming increases circulation to the pelvic bowl, heals menstrual pain and irregularities, heightens libido and sexual pleasure, enhances fertility, and speeds postpartum healing. We are grateful for the survival of this healing tool, and all who risked themselves to carry it forward, in a world that moves too fast, and depletes the roots of soul, soma, and culture.

In this intro class, we’ll explore the roots and history of pelvic steam therapy, teach you about safe and easy ways to steam at home, share best practices for different types of cycles and pelvic bowl terrains, and tell stories to water and illuminate the ground for healing. You’ll learn to work with elemental energies, herbal and stone medicine allies–to begin or return to pelvic steaming as a practice of both personal healing and relational/lineage magic. Together, we’ll each blend a universal herbal steam formula to take home, casting personal and collective intentions into the herbs, opening the portal for you to initiate your home steam practice.

We will *not* be steaming during this intro workshop: this class is for you if you’re curious about the possible benefits of a home steam practice, want to have all your questions answered, and to learn in a deeply communal and embodied circle who support you in discovering the pleasure + power of this practice.

DATE / TIME : Thursday, December 12th at 7-8:30pm

EXCHANGE : $45 includes organic herbal steam blend + take-home steam guide booklet for folx with female bodies, regardless of gender.

REGISTRATION : You are welcome to register HERE. Space is limited.

M E E T  T H E  F A C I L I T A T O R S

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HEATHER SAGE ~ is an alchemist and deep adaptation guide who believes that in this time of potent planetary and humxn transformation, we are each being called to adapt – in deep and emergent ways – to radical changes.

Connection to earth, eros, embodiment, and community strengthens the ground from which we evolve, and resource us through underworld journeys and the real work and art of healing. Heather’s offerings are sourced from these wells. She is a certified Functional Herbalist who weaves an ecstatic love of evolutionary astrology with the rich science and intuitive art of herbalism in her Astro-Herbal readings and medicines. Through her creative umbrella Aptus Alchemy, Heather creates medicines, rituals, and embodiment experiences to nourish and support these transformations, guided by careful listening to plants, soma, and planetary movements.

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OPAL MCCARTHY ~ is a poet, witness, and tender of the liminal spaces, attuned to life’s thresholds, the moments of wild becoming.

Here she creates places where your right to feel what you feel and know what you know about your body, cycles, sexuality, and creativity is affirmed and strengthened. Opal loves to study and share care practices that center the pelvic bowl as a liberatory source of pleasure, homecoming, and creative potential. Certified as a Vaginal Steam Facilitator, INNATE Postpartum Care Provider, and Holistic Birth Doula, Opal offers full spectrum doula care for birth, loss, and abortion. She also offers individual pelvic steam therapy for anyone who wants to balance their menstrual cycles, heal pelvic pain, or discover deeper embodiment and visionary power in the pelvic bowl.