ERICA SHOSHANA RIVERS ~ is an integrative healer, artist and oral historian, a fierce lover of water, the wilderness and anything that creates community. Shoshana believes that art is healing, and that healing is an art, an art that flourishes when approached as a co-creative process where the client is supported to be their own healer. Passionate about breaking down barriers separating modes of healing, she intuitively incorporates a multiplicity of tools in her work––from energy healing, to visioning, to astrology, to storytelling, to psychology, to mindfulness­––within a container that is trauma-sensitive and culturally aware. Her mission is to make this work as accessible to as many people as possible. In her visual art, she uses her ability to feel energy and channel knowing to create a mosaic, mapping the felt sensations and wisdom gleaned from an experience. Honoring the spiral nature of the healing journey, the map offers a potent signpost that can be revisited and mined for new layers of meaning. She joins us in April for a residency and collaboration as part of The Medicine of Wounded Healers series.
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MERCEDES E TANEJA ~ is a health coach and dancer with special interest in women’s health & fertility, Latin/Hispanic community wellness, re-location & immigration support. She facilitated a support group called My Fertility Journey: A Story Sharing Circle for anyone on the fertility journey.
BEN MCGINLEY ~ adult adoptee, husband, father, recovering alcoholic, video producer and artist based in Minneapolis. He has been sober since May 2013 and has been in reunion with his birth family since January 2017. He is passionate about film, cooking, and spending time with his family. He facilitated a monthly Adult Adoptee Connection Circle.
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JULIA STARR ~ is a feminist wellness warrior. She is grounded in the practices of yoga, movement, food as medicine, and health coaching. She approaches healing, and life, with the belief that we each hold the keys to our ultimate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The vision she holds is to create space for women to know themselves, their bodies and their abilities authentically. Julia was a practitioner in the space from 2017-2018 and offered a number of beautiful classes. You can connect with her at Starr Health Co.
NATALIE WALSTEIN ~ Life & Career Coach, Intuitive Coach, Lightworker ~ with special interest in soul purpose alignment, creative empowerment, seasonal cycles, collective consciousness, and personal evolution. She was one of our in-house practitioners until she decided to take her business 100% online. However, she is staying in our community to offer astrology related group classes. You can connect with her at Soulshine Astrology
JOCELYN ROUSSEAU ~ Light is information: the light of your energy field. Sound is transformation: the sound of your beliefs and thought forms. Body is manifestation: the flesh is built upon the scaffolding made of information heard. Our human entities are rich with personal stories, detectable to sensitive hand, heart and ear. Our stories “in-form” our bodies shapes, our accidents, our illnesses, our very lives. Stuck energies actually go against the flows of natural law to manifest resistance as pain, emotional or physical. This unique session provides relief to our physical, mental, and emotional bodies simultaneously and profoundly. Jocelyn is a certified Shiatsu Therapist trained in traditional Chinese Medicine, Brennan Healing Science, a Reiki Master and Sound Therapy Journeywoman. Jocelyn joined us in July, 2018.
SHIRA NAHARIT ~ is an energy worker, teacher, and writer from Minneapolis. She comes from a long ancestral line of healers, and draws from a multi-racial lineage that is inclusive and welcoming to all manifestations of identity. She joined us for her series So You’re Spiritually Woke, Now What? in May, 2018.
BRIAN BRADLEY ~ is a lightworker and artist living in Minneapolis, MN. He weaves together sound + light installations with group energy healing for a truly unique vibrational medicine experience. His albums; Odyssey (2015), North (2016), Mars Mission 1 (2016), Homeworlds (2017), Future Oceans (2017), have been streamed/downloaded over 300,000 times by listeners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, France, Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Mexico, US, and throughout the world. Brian offered an innovative series: Manifestation & Art, in collaboration with Tall Reeds Healing Arts in March 2018.
VICTORIA EMANVELA and CAITLIN METZ are On Being In You Body: a small press that creates zines, various publications, runs workshops, an online course, and artist residencies based on radical embodiment. “We collect stories and make space for different voices and believe that “together” is the way home. OBIYB is a space for womxn, queer and non binary folks to feel supported and together. It is about reclamation, discovering, remembering, taking back what was taken from us. And writing, writing, writing ourselves. It’s about shifting our narratives from victim to warrior, taking up space and subverting resistance with empathy, compassion and vulnerability. OBIYB is here to hold space and to fill up space in bodies that deserve to feel safe in their skin. We are here to question everything and acknowledge our own experiences while believing and honoring the experiences of others.” Caitlin Metz offered Forever a Rough Draft : A writing and movement workshop in April 2018.
NICK KNUTZEN ~ Chef. Coach. Warrior. Nick’s life is guided by the intention of being fully present in work, play and relationships. Following an eight-year career in film production in LA and NYC, he arrived in Minneapolis, committed himself to living a sober life and traded in his camera for a chef’s knife. Self-taught as a chef, he co-founded Origin Meals, a Paleo-inspired meal delivery service. Now he devotes himself to another meaningful pursuit with the founding of Wyld Joy. Through Wyld Joy, he uses his life’s experience to guide others to live a life of courage, joy and aliveness. He co-created Ritual Love with his partner Julia Starr in February 2017.
ODEYA NINI ~Los Angeles based contemporary vocalist, composer, yoga instructor and vocal coach. With 10 years of yoga teaching experience, she has finally united her two worlds of music and yoga in this unique experience of a Voice Bath. Her music spans orchestral pieces to solo vocal composition and sound installations. As a teacher she leads people on a journey to embody the voice through pure expression of sound and emotion, mind/ body awareness, and freeing the voice in a therapeutic manner. Voice Baths and her solo artistic work have been heard from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv, Mongolia, Madagascar and Vietnam. In June 2016 Odeya gave birth to her first child, a sweet little boy named Taiga Kol. The journey of motherhood has added an even deeper connection to the offering and nurturing of her voice. She joined us for Free the Voice : Dec 1-3, 2017.

More community members coming soon….stay tuned!!

If you would like to offer a class or event in our space, please email us via our Connect page! And if you are a person of color or non-binary doing healing and/or activist work, please contact Tall Reeds owner Portia Richardson for information on how you can use our studio, free of charge, to offer classes and events via our BIPOC/NB Activism & Healing Program.