“Ring the bell that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There’s a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how light gets in.” ~Leonard Cohen

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Hello! I’m Portia (they/she).

At present, I’m showing up as an interdisciplinary healer of individual and collective trauma, a teacher of mysticism and holistic medicine traditions, a ritualist, an intuitive guide, and a channel for Spirit. 

My medicine path is one of remembering our wholeness. I work at the intersections of embodiment, expanded consciousness, creative expression, sacred activism, ancestral connection, and cultural healing.

I’m here to help you identify how the old paradigm is affecting your system — and guide you through the process of re-patterning on all levels of your being: mind, body, heart, spirit, and community – so you are free to fully show up as your essential expression, in service to our collective liberation.

Simply put, it’s my mission to heal collective trauma and dis-ease by tending to how it is showing up for you. My practice flows from the guiding principle of as without so within, as within so without. 

You can view my 1:1 OFFERINGS and WHAT TO EXPECT Q/A for more info.  I also encourage you to look at the RESONANCE section below for information about who I am best able to serve.



I believe all aspects of your multidimensional being must be considered for transformational healing to occur. My intention is to hold space for you to re-connected to your true essence and align with your soul’s calling, where all potentials flow through you.

I work with all gender identities, orientations, presentations, and bodies. My approach is evidence informed, trauma informed, non-judgmental, body and sex positive, and relational.  I believe we are all here to weave our unique threads into the collective loom. My role is to be a gently activating force for truth and love.



My craft is holistic, esoteric, and collaborative. I weave together the threads of scientific evidence, intuitive knowing, clinical experience, and client preference.

I tailor our time to meet your specific needs using various healing practices (see list below). Please let me know if you are interested in trying specific healing practices in our work together. Otherwise, I will suggest a route to try. Energy moves in many ways.

My healing practices include: integrative health and wellbeing coaching, somatic and neurobiological therapies, biofield therapies, acupuncture and Asian medicine, folk magic, intuitive guidance, channeling, sound healing, divination, ritual, guided imagery, meditation, breathwork, bodywork, herbal medicine, and food therapy.



I have broad interest and experience – and am ever evolving in my craft. Over the years I’ve shifted in my orientation as a reflection of my own process of healing and self-discovery.  At present I feel most in resonance with you if:

-you have been struggling with a pattern of disembodiment, and now you are ready to return to your body by gently and slowly developing your felt sense.

-you are lost and really struggling, or feel trapped in the cycle of a draining pattern, and want to move through it and come out on the other side with an open heart and deeper sense of self.

-you are aligning with your sense of purpose and committed to healing yourself, so you are able to better show up in service to our collective liberation, and you want support living into your soul contracts, developing your intuitive abilities, expanding your consciousness, and building your power.

-you are struggling with issues of identity and in the process of peeling back layers of social conditioning, searching for truth, and you want to step into a more authentic and empowered way of living and being in the world, and are longing for nonjudgmental witnessing and affirming of your essential nature.

-you are beginning your healing practice and looking for guidance on how to infuse your spiritual and wellness practices with your social-racial-earth justice ethos, walk your talk from a place of integration and power, and actively participate in cultural healing from the inside out.

-you are ready to connect with your wise, bright ancestors and allies in spirit, and want learn how to feel and trust their guidance.

-you are curious about animism, magic practice, earth-honoring ways of worshiping the divine, expanding your spiritual reality – and want support as you journey into multidimensional consciousness.

-you are ready to make beautiful babies, have healthy pregnancies, empowered birth experiences, and become a strong, confident parent – and are open to approaching fertility support from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective.

-you are focusing on improving your overall health and balancing your constitution: including supporting mental/emotional wellbeing, reducing chronic pain, improving digestive/gut health, balancing hormones, increasing sleep quality, stabilizing mood, harmonizing energy, and tracking your unique cycles and patterns.

I have no agenda other than to be a supportive guide on your path. I am honored to share my knowledge and expertise, however I am most interested in creating a sacred space for your inner wisdom and courage to emerge, because I know healing is ultimately a journey of self-discovery, and it is my privilege to walk with you.

A  B I T  M O R E  A B O U T  M E


My blood lineage people are from the lands of Scandinavia, the British Isles, and Western Europe.  They migrated to Turtle Island in the mid 1700’s – and settler colonized the traditional lands of the Shawnee and Cherokee peoples throughout the Appalachian region (now Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Georgia). Currently, I live and love in South Minneapolis, Minnesota – better known as the traditional lands of the Anishinaabeg and Dakhóta peoples.

I’m raced white and walk with insider privilege within the current culture – and I’m committed to the ongoing process of dismantling oppressive power structures internally and externally.

I’m also a queer person (pansexual/non-monogamous/nonbinary/femme) a co-parent and mother, an independent musician, an animist, an eclectic witch, and a bridge for the Otherworld.

My intuitive abilities are a mixed bag of all of the “clairs” (clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance), and I consider these skills fundamental to the nature of my work.

I teach graduate courses through the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota and Northwestern Health Sciences University, as well as offer workshops at gatherings such as Spirit Weavers, Origins, and Moon Mountain.

For more info, you are welcome to read a short autobiographical sketch about my EDUCATION + LIFE EXPERIENCE, dive into my MEDIA + EXTRAS, and check our my CLASSES + EVENTS.

K I N D  W O R D S


All kind words are intentionally kept anonymous out of respect for client privacy – and therefore some initials have been changed at the request of the client. If you need proof that these kind words are legit – please read the handful of google reviews and facebook reviews offered by clients willing to put names and faces behind their words.

If you would like to write an anonymous testimonial, please email me directly at portia@tallreedshealingarts.com OR if you don’t mind, please share your experience via google reviews and I will copy/paste your words here too!

I appreciate your kind words so much!

“I came to Portia to do some healing work around family trauma, and I have never felt so held in a space as I have at Tall Reeds. I have the freedom to explore different practices and methods to walk through healing like somatic work and different types of meditative ways to tap into what I’m trying to shift and heal. Truly grateful to have someone who understands, listens, and guides so intentionally.” ~ T. W. 

“Portia’s work and the work of the Tall Reeds Healing Arts community has impacted me on many levels! I’ve experienced great healing and transformation as a result of my 1:1 sessions, as well as the group courses and sessions, with Portia. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a true place to heal, grow, evolve, transform, and become who you’re here to be!” ~ E. V. 

“Portia is a thoughtful, well-read, woke, vulnerable, conscientious healer, therapist, witch, teacher, goddess! She is an inspiration, mentor, and friend to all of her clients. She is also building a community at Tall Reeds that is safe, fierce, and amazing. I was referred by a good friend who has been seeing Portia for years and I am so grateful to be growing and learning here. 10 stars!” ~ A. W. 

“I kind of knew what I was looking for when I sought out Portia, but not really. I had a deep sense of needing to reckon with something; I knew I wasn’t living all life had to offer and something inside needed to be heard. Once I started working with her, it became clear. My old, painful patterns (anxiety, depression, the way I hold stress in my body, past traumas, how I physically handle fear, how I relate to others) needed to come to the surface, be dealt with, and let go. Since our first meeting, Portia has opened my soul to a world it needed to see, but was too afraid to look at. She provides a space free of judgement and shame. I can be completely emotionally naked in front of her as I continue to shed my old layers and build new, healthy ones. And I feel safe. I can only do this work because she helps me feel safe. I look forward to working with her for many years to come.” ~ R. K.

“This IS one of those types of work that treats the root of things rather than just the symptoms (though it’s excellent for that as well!). It’s comprehensive and all encompassing and has really, for someone who is not very ‘in his body’, changed the way I experience my depression and life. Energy and how it lives and moves (or gets stuck) in our bodies is a very real thing. The thing I *love* about Portia is that she can be as ‘out there’ as she can be scientific in her explanation of her approach; she’s very intuitive, open minded, and generally a powerhouse of information and expertise and practice. Any hesitation or skepticism I’ve had (which has been minimal, but still) is erased the moment I get up on the table. And when you visit with Portia you are truly getting a full self work up. She formulates a treatment plan based upon what’s occurring in your life, relationships, body, energy, and spirit. And on top of that, she constantly customizes and revises your treatment plan to address your needs as they vary. The only downside is the cost incurred, but also if you are dealing with chronic conditions or having genuine ‘stuckness’ in some part of your life, this is worth it. See for yourself.” ~ M. B.

“Portia Richardson has a passion to see people live their most beautiful , rewarding and authentic life. I reached out to Portia after realizing Anxiety and Fear were controlling my life. As mother of 3 (2 under the age of 4) ,Wife and Running my own business I am burnout and overwhelmed. Portia listened and was compassionate then shared what she believed would be the best way to address some of my immediate issues. She really is gifted. I felt safe and like she genuinely cared. She proceeded to do energy work. I could feel things shifting and being broken off and removed. She intuitively knew what I needed and for first time I felt hopeful and excited about the future. With Portia’s guidance and her impressive training I’m learning how to reclaim my life. Portia is a true healer.” ~ A. M. 

“Portia is an incredible healer. I’ve been going to see her for years and she has helped me regulate my menstrual cycle and relieve my TMJ with acupuncture and energy work. However, her wyccecraft session took my healing experience to a level I didn’t expect. Now I understand my physical ailments are connected to my past life as a witch! She has taught me about spirituality and energy, which I knew nothing about before meeting her. But now I feel empowered to begin to explore this side of myself and am considering a job change to become an energy worker too! Thank you Portia!” ~ S. B.  

“I initially went to see Portia for a series of Intuitive Guidance sessions and did not know what to expect. Honestly, I was nervous and skeptical that she could help me, but she came highly recommended by someone I trust. I have been in talk therapy for anxiety/ODC and have chronic issues with my gut (IBS) and a history of recurrent uterine fibroids. I have been frustrated and angry with my body for years. I didn’t realize what I was in for! Portia helped me connect with my body and FEEL my emotions like no other health professional has done before! I always feel raw and disoriented after our sessions and it took time for me to learn how to “ride the wave” as Portia says. But after 6 months of working with her, I now respect and “trust the process” of healing. I am more connected with my body and emotions. I have also experienced multiple acupuncture sessions and one wyccecraft session (so far) and am always surprised by what comes up for me. I consider Portia a game changer for me. She is gentle, wise, funny, and makes me feel safe and comfortable. I am warming up to her “witchy side” and open to exploring my own spirituality moving forward. I highly recommend Portia for anyone who is ready to “feel it to heal it!” ~ R. M. 

“Portia is an excellent practitioner. She is very approachable and empathic creating a safe supportive environment. She has many tools for transformation and I always leave feeling More energetic and hopeful. I highly recommend seeing Portia and am personally experiencing healing on a soul level that I haven’t experienced before.” ~ A. Y.

“Portia is magical. Working with her has changed my life. Portia helped me to become pregnant. I truly believe my work with her is the reason why it happened so quickly, and one of the reasons why it has been a very healthy pregnancy so far. She continues to help me tremendously in developing new and effective tools to cope with a life-long anxiety disorder. Perhaps most importantly, Portia has helped me discover and connect to sacred places within myself that I didn’t know were there. The benefits of this work extend to all aspects of my life – from my work, to my relationships to my broader connection to the world.” ~ B. R.

“Portia is a very skilled practitioner and I have greatly benefited from her expertise in helping my body heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.” ~ D. D.

“Portia is such a good spirit! Everything you’ve always wanted from a health professional. A great listener. A great educator. A great healer. A great spirit; always upbeat, kind, gentle, caring. Isn’t this what we have always hoped for in our well-being providers?” ~ H. T.

“Portia is the best! I recommend her to everyone I know. I initially received acupuncture for a really bad case of TMJ (intense pain, locked jaw, couldn’t eat solid foods) when doctors and chiropractors could not help me. Her treatment got my jaw 100% back to normal – such a relief! I continue to regularly see Portia (for over a year now) to keep my whole body and spirit well and I’ve truly never felt better. Portia is a great listener and takes time to hear her clients and what he/she needs. Her approach does not feel formulaic or “one-size-fits-all;” you will receive something crafted to your needs. If you’re looking for healing go see Portia!!!” ~ H. H.

“I have known Portia for many years as a fellow integrative health practitioner in Minneapolis and as a patient. When I first came to see her, I had been having persistent stomach problems for years. Portia quickly and accurately assessed what was going on and created a plan that had me back to well sooner than I ever thought possible. Not only is she warm and open, she’s also incredibly wise and knowledgable and has so many tools to bring to the table. I recommend her highly!!” ~ A. R.

“I originally went to Portia for acupuncture to help me rehab my separated shoulder. Along with physical therapy I am now totally healed and feel better than ever! I have continued to see her because she listens and advises with great integrity. Portia is truly an inspiration professionally and personally!” ~ L. L.

“Portia is an amazing practitioner & teacher! A true healer that cares about you as a person, your story, your vision and goals! I used to have med-high acne, often feel cold and had a number of signs that indicated hormonal imbalances. From following her recommendations and receiving treatments, now I have minimal acne, I regulate my body temperature better and things are getting cyclical again! I am thankful I was able to meet her; it’s been a positive life changing experience. Like I said, I true healer.” ~M. E.

“Portia has been treating my son and I for two years and has made a huge impact in both of our lives. Portia is a gift to the world! She is a true healer in all areas of life. I would recommend her to everyone! She has personally helped me with sinus issues, stress, and overall balance in life. She helped my son after a traumatic injury. We just love her and feel blessed we met her!” ~ R. M.

“Portia Richardson and her Tall Reeds Healing Arts practice has quite simply changed my life. The wellness benefits directly attributed to her expert acupuncture and cupping skills as well as her knowledge on other holistic health elements (such as vitamins and herbs) has nourished all parts of my body, mind and spirit. After each session, I leave empowered with information and with a reaffirmed sense of hope. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone visit Portia. It will be the bright spot of your day.” ~ M. C.

“My first experience with acupuncture was during the last stage of pregnancy, and Portia’s extensive knowledge, excellent communication and thoughtful inclusion of spirituality was very comforting. I’ve continued to see her after the birth of my child, and I appreciate Portia’s clear passion for her work and I have gratefully enjoyed the mental and physical benefits of her practice.” ~ E. S.

“I’ve been seeing Portia for several months after having reconstructive surgery due to a bicycle incident.   I’m so happy that I was able to see her.   I firmly believe that my healing process increased rapidly because of the sessions with Portia.   I want to offer a tremendous amount of positive feedback and express that Portia helped me in ways that I did not expect.  I happily plan to continue and encourage anyone seeking holistic healing.” ~ C. G.

“In my experience, having a good consultation makes the following treatment experience better. Portia does a fantastic job of understanding the physical, emotional, and environmental causes behind the symptoms.” ~ R. S.

“Portia is simply the best of the best. Extremely knowledgeable, personable, and caring. Always in a good mood she is an excellent listener that tailors her treatment to the individual. Portia is everything we wish we had in traditional Western medicine. Book an appt. with her…..now.” ~ H. T.

“When Portia of Tall Reeds Healing Arts came in to my life, she transformed my entire view about my self-care. She is incredibly well versed and deeply compassionate. As we have resonated more beyond our health-coaching relationship she is an invaluable support and friend in my personal life. I wish for everyone to be so lucky to find Portia on their path to total wellness.” ~ T. E.

“My needle phobia has been put at ease…only with Portia at this point! She is very gentle and intuitively accurate with her work and Intention. Thanks Portia! Many Blessings.” ~ K. M.

“Acupuncture is a great experience due to Portia.  As a practitioner, Portia listens intently to the needs and outcome I wish to achieve and focuses on a positive result.  What I particularly appreciate is that she picks up on the unspoken too.  Portia has a great touch and is very positive and upbeat.  She takes time to make a real connection and gently educates along the way.  I see her as confident, knowledgeable, sensitive and compassionate.  I highly recommend her!” ~ A.T.

“Portia is a wonderful health coach!  I always look forward to my appointments  and have learned so much about myself from working with her.  She makes being healthy fun and interesting and I always leave our sessions feeling inspired and motivated.  I am grateful to have found her!” ~ T. W.

“I see Portia for acupuncture. I had never tried acupuncture or really any kind of natural healing before my first appointment. Portia’s been fabulous to work with on all levels! Highly recommended!” ~ K. F.

“Portia is a consummate professional and genuinely caring health coach. Her keen listening skills and empathetic approach create an atmosphere of trust. Any nervousness I had when being treated for the first time were quickly and quietly dispelled as her professional and kind demeanor set me to ease. I visited her practice for acupuncture, and I was unfamiliar with the practice. I found she’s transparent in her approach, confident in her practice, and easily smiles. I would highly recommend Portia for acupuncture, health coaching, and massage to anyone who may have reservations about eastern healing, as well as to seasoned veterans of the practice. Her bedside manner matches your comfort level, engages you in genuine communication, and she exhibits vast knowledge of her practice.” ~ J. B.

“Portia is so extremely kind, warm, and welcoming. This was my first experience with health coaching, and she was present to guide me through any issue that I wanted to address. Portia is very knowledgeable and willing to help me in anyway possible” ~ A. P.

“Portia’s deep understanding of the art and science of Health Coaching  combined with her substantial knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine creates an experience for the Client that is unique and profound.  A session with her gives you lasting insights, questions and experiences.” ~ C.B.B.

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