Radiant Breast Massage


Radiant Breast Massage: a daily practice for magnetism + radiance ~ with Lydia Rose

In this powerful class for moving sexual energy, learn basic and advanced breast massage to bring radiance to your breasts. Enliven your libido, connect your pleasure, heal your hormones, and move your emotional center for freedom in the heart!Our breasts are a powerful key to our awakening, and touching our breasts daily can bring new magic into your life and your body, and de-program your subconscious mind away from shame. Breast massage can also be a tool to help you move freer in your whole body, and help you know more fully your yes and no in order to dive deeper into your relationships from a sovereign place. Come enjoy a night of breast worship and play, and leave freer and more confident in your magnetism!

Date: Saturday 1/20 6-8pm

Exchange: $20-$40 sliding scale
Register here: RADIANT BREAST