RECLAMATION COLLECTIVE ~ is an expanding group of folks who identify with religious trauma and are seeking space to process, deconstruct, and reclaim!

Reclamation Collective holds to the definition of religious trauma as defined by Dr. Marlene Winell, Ph.D. and founder of Journey Free, as follows: It is the condition experienced by people who are struggling with leaving an authoritarian, dogmatic religion and coping with the damage of indoctrination. We may be going through the shattering of a personally meaningful faith and/or breaking away from a controlling community and lifestyle.

Reclamation Collective is based in Minneapolis, MN where we facilitate support groups, monthly meet-up events, as well as retreats for individuals seeking space to deconstruct, verbally process, and ultimately reclaim their own path to inner peace and relational harmony.  We also intend to create opportunities for  Therapists, Religious Leaders, and Community Leaders to become more Religious Trauma-Informed.

Reclamation Collective facilitates monthly workshops. Please see descriptions below!


Each month Reclamation Collective is facilitating conversations by various panelists of Reclaimer navigating a series of topics that deserve more comprehensive education to engage with safely.

EXCHANGE: $10 – $30 sliding scale. All proceeds go to the facilitators.


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