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Erica Shoshana Rivers is an integrative healer, artist and oral historian, a fierce lover of water, the wilderness and anything that creates community.

Shoshana believes that art is healing, and that healing is an art, an art that flourishes when approached as a co-creative process where the client is supported to be their own healer.

Passionate about breaking down barriers separating modes of healing, she intuitively incorporates a multiplicity of tools in her work––from energy healing, to visioning, to astrology, to storytelling, to psychology, to mindfulness­––within a container that is trauma-sensitive and culturally aware. Her mission is to make this work as accessible to as many people as possible.

In her visual art, she uses her ability to feel energy and channel knowing to create a mosaic, mapping the felt sensations and wisdom gleaned from an experience. Honoring the spiral nature of the healing journey, the map offers a potent signpost that can be revisited and mined for new layers of meaning.

She will joining in collaboration with Portia Richardson for The Medicine of Wounded Healers series in April – to offer her art practice of mapping group transformation into an experiential mosaic to help transmute the energy. Her offering will be in addition to Portia’s offerings.

Shoshana is also available for both private and group mapping  sessions as well as energy healing, astrology, intuitive coaching and integrative sessions.

You can contact her at

P A S T   R E S I D E N C I E S


SHIRA NAHARIT ~ is an energy worker, teacher, and writer from Minneapolis. She comes from a long ancestral line of healers, and draws from a multi-racial lineage that is inclusive and welcoming to all manifestations of identity. She joined us for her series So You’re Spiritually Woke, Now What? in May, 2018.


BRIAN BRADLEY ~ is a lightworker and artist living in Minneapolis, MN. He weaves together sound + light installations with group energy healing for a truly unique vibrational medicine experience. His albums; Odyssey (2015), North (2016), Mars Mission 1 (2016), Homeworlds (2017), Future Oceans (2017), have been streamed/downloaded over 300,000 times by listeners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, France, Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Mexico, US, and throughout the world. Brian offered an innovative series: Manifestation & Art, in collaboration with Tall Reeds Healing Arts in March 2018.