The residency program is designed to support emergent thought-leaders, change-makers, activists, artists, and practitioners working at the intersections of healing + spirituality + activism. Residents get to use the space for free to hold events. If you would like to apply for residency, please email Portia at 

O N – G O I N G  R E S I D E N C I E S

These folx are currently offering classes/events/workshops on a monthly / bi-monthly basis / or semi-frequent basis.

S A M  K E L L E Y


SAM KELLEY ~ is a holistic lifestyle coach with Sun Kissed Health.

This fall 2019 / winter 2020 Sam will be offering several introductory classes about modern Feng Shui and its principles, as well as how to utilize it in your workspace to support manifestation of what you truly desire in life.

Her first class will be Desktop Feng Shui on Wednesday, November 6th.

This workshop will provide an introduction to modern Feng Shui and its principles, as well as how to utilize it in your workspace to support manifestation of what you truly desire in life.


  • You will leave with a clear understanding of what Feng Shui is and how it can work for you
  • You will go home with new tools to instantly apply Feng Shui to your work desk or office space
  • You will create an Inspired Action Plan that integrates your intentions, desires, and next steps

You can click on the image to learn more and register! And you can connect with Sam on Instagram at @sunkissedhealth.


V Y  N G U Y E NEDBD797E-DEDD-4835-AF59-A05534C90CB7

VY NGUYEN ~ is a feminine wholeness and erotic wellness coach for women. 

Vy is a trained certified teacher in the Art of Feminine Presence. She offered this powerful five-class series over the course of September and October. And because we love Vy so much, she will be continuing to offer workshops as part of the residency in the winter/spring 2019-2020.

Her next offering is called Feminine Energy Balance. Please click the image to read more!

And for more information about Vy, please visit and connect with her on her Instagram at  @feminine.wholeness.coaching.


A L E C  L O S S I A H  

ALEC LOSSIAH (They/Them & She/Her)~ is a sexuality educator and facilitator born and raised in Minneapolis.

They believe that all people deserve comprehensive, LGBTQIA+ inclusive, and judgement-free education about sexuality and gender. It is important to them to build intentional community in order to heal, grow, and support each other. They specialize in facilitating discussions around masculinity. They offered a unique workshop Masculinity & Self-Pleasure, in collaboration with The Growth Arc and Tall Reeds Healing Arts in June 2019.

Alec facilitates a monthly Masculinity Circle. See description below. 

Join Alec and others as we explore what masculinity means to us and how it has impacted our lives. This small community is for people of all genders assigned male at birth, especially queer and trans people. Masculinity Circle will focus on the ways we understand ourselves as gendered beings and how that impacts our relationships, identities, expressions, and more. This event will focus on the question, ”What does masculinity mean to you?” Click on the image to go to the event page for more information!


R E C L A M A T I O N  C O L L E C T I V E

RECLAMATION COLLECTIVE ~ is an expanding group of folks who identify with religious trauma and are seeking space to process, deconstruct, and reclaim!

Reclamation Collective holds to the definition of religious trauma as defined by Dr. Marlene Winell, Ph.D. and founder of Journey Free, as follows: It is the condition experienced by people who are struggling with leaving an authoritarian, dogmatic religion and coping with the damage of indoctrination. We may be going through the shattering of a personally meaningful faith and/or breaking away from a controlling community and lifestyle.

Reclamation Collective is based in Minneapolis, MN where we facilitate support groups, monthly meet-up events, as well as retreats for individuals seeking space to deconstruct, verbally process, and ultimately reclaim their own path to inner peace and relational harmony.  We also intend to create opportunities for  Therapists, Religious Leaders, and Community Leaders to become more Religious Trauma-Informed.

Reclamation Collective facilitates monthly workshops. Please see descriptions below!

Each month Reclamation Collective is facilitating conversations by various panelists of Reclaimer navigating a series of topics that deserve more comprehensive education to engage with safely. The next three evening workshops are:

  • Wednesday 9/18 : Parenting Through/Post Deconstruction
  • Wednesday 10/2 : Navigating Sex and Relationships Through/Post Deconstruction
  • Wednesday 11/13 : Drug Education and Safety

Click on the event image for more info. RVSP at! $15 cover


A N D Y  A D A M S / T H E  G R O W T H  A R C

ANDY ADAMS ~ runs the relationship and intimacy coaching business The Growth Arc.

“Growth Arc — [definition]: When one overcomes an internal opposition (insecurities, fear, the past, etc.) while facing an external opposition and, as a result, becomes a fuller, better person.”

Andy created The Growth Arc after having seen firsthand the positive influence that relationship coaching can have, and has had in her own life. By having a space to be honest with yourself, you can start the (often difficult) journey to being honest with communicating your needs to others. Andy’s background is in education.

She’s been teaching in 7-12 public schools for eight years and her M.A. degree is in Educational Leadership in Human Development. It was during her master’s program that she found the tools for ‘successful’ polyamory and wanted to find a way to teach those tools to anyone in relationships.

While practicing non-monogamy has helped her accomplish this most fully, she  understands that isn’t the path for everyone. Andy also works with monogamous couples and individuals to help accomplish healthier relationship goals through education, honesty, and truth-seeking.

She believes everyone deserves to be working towards happy in all relationships in their lives. Whether these relationships are ones with friends, family members, co-workers, lovers, spouses, or children.

Andy did a full month of events in June 2019 – teaching classes on non-monogamy, communication during sexual intimacy, hosting conversations on relationship skills in general, and a book-club discussion – as well as hosted local influencers that she believes are helping our community thrive in intimate relationships.  You can see the FULL EVENTS SCHEDULE HERE.

After Andy’s June residency she was invited back for a regular Adult Convos group on the last Friday of each month! Please see her website for more info! And follow her on Instagram at @thegrowtharc.


P A S T  R E S I D E N C I E S

These folx have offered one-time class/events/workshops as part of the residency program. And while they are not currently offering their magic at Tall Reeds, they are still considered important people in the Tall Reeds community – and are welcome back at any point with open arms. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

S H O S H A N A  R I V E R S

ERICA SHOSHANA RIVERS ~ is an integrative healer, artist, oral historian, and a fierce lover of water, the wilderness, and anything that creates community.

Shoshana believes that art is healing, and that healing is an art, an art that flourishes when approached as a co-creative process where the client is supported to be their own healer.

Passionate about breaking down barriers separating modes of healing, she intuitively incorporates a multiplicity of tools in her work––from energy healing, to visioning, to astrology, to storytelling, to psychology, to mindfulness­––within a container that is trauma-sensitive and culturally aware. Her mission is to make this work as accessible to as many people as possible.

In her visual art, she uses her ability to feel energy and channel knowing to create a mosaic, mapping the felt sensations and wisdom gleaned from an experience. Honoring the spiral nature of the healing journey, the map offers a potent signpost that can be revisited and mined for new layers of meaning.

She joined in collaboration with Portia Richardson for The Medicine of Wounded Healers series in April – to offer her art practice of mapping group transformation into an experiential mosaic to help transmute the energy.

Here are the pieces that arose out of the series.

You can connect more with Shoshana by visiting her website! And follow her on Instagram at @shoshanarivers.


S H I R A  N A H A R I T

SHIRA NAHARIT ~ is an energy worker, teacher, and writer from Minneapolis.

She comes from a long ancestral line of healers, and draws from a multi-racial lineage that is inclusive and welcoming to all manifestations of identity. She joined us for her series So You’re Spiritually Woke, Now What? in May, 2018. Connect with her on Instagram at @shira.nevilles.


B R A I N  B R A D L E Y

BRIAN BRADLEY ~ is a lightworker and artist living in Minneapolis, MN.

He weaves together sound + light installations with group energy healing for a truly unique vibrational medicine experience. His albums; Odyssey (2015), North (2016), Mars Mission 1 (2016), Homeworlds (2017), Future Oceans (2017), have been streamed/downloaded over 300,000 times by listeners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, France, Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Mexico, US, and throughout the world. Brian offered an innovative series: Manifestation & Art, in collaboration with Tall Reeds Healing Arts in March 2018. Visit his website for more information. And follow his Instagram at @brianxbradley.