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Tending the Witch Wound : RESTORE ~ with Portia Richardson

This virtual offering is the second course within a four-course program dedicated to tending the witch wound on all levels: mind, body, spirit, heart, community. You can read a sketch of full program structure and themes here.


RESTORE is a 12 week virtual course that runs from 12/21/18 to 3/16/19. During this time we will focus on building power in the core of our multi-dimensional beings. We will cultivate practices to keep our minds open and honor our bodies as scared temples. We will create rituals for joy and play and deepen our relationship with Spirit. We will learn to appreciate and relate well with our diverse and complex community.  Once our power is restored, we will be able to reclaim our sacred place within the whole. 


Week 1: OPENING webinar – 12/21

Week 2: MIND webinar – 12/30

Week 3: Integration week – 1/5

Week 4: BODY webinar – 1/13

Week 5: Live Community Call – 1/20 (11am-1pm CST)

Week 6: HEART webinar – 1/27

Week 7: Integration week – 2/3

Week 8: SPIRT webinar – 2/10

Week 9: Live Community Call – 2/17 (11am-1pm CST)

Week 10: COMMUNITY webinar – 2/24

Week 11: Live Community Call – 3/3 (11am-12pm CST)

Week 12: CLOSING webinar – 3/10

You will receive:

  • 7 prerecorded webinars lectures
  • 5 hours of live community call time dedicated to Q & A and group experiential guided rituals and meditations.
  • Supplemental resources each week to dive deeper.
  • Prompts and invitations for personal self-care and ritual practices.
  • An interview series with powerful truth tellers exploring the witch wound personally and collectively.

This course is for anyone who is:

  • Feeling the call of the wild and longing to reconnect to an innately animistic and wholistic worldview that is your ancestral birthright.
  • Feeling the pull of the witch (as well as potentially some aversion, resistance, or fear of this archetype).
  • Feeling pent up with anger and grief, tired/wired and stressed, and generally out of your body, lost and overwhelmed by the state of the world – but ready to do what’s needed to step into your power and truth.
  • Wanting to live a spirit-led life, in service to the collective, but is struggling to move beyond fear.
  • Longing for a community who can meet you at where you are NOW and see/support your vision.


These exchanges are set with the intention of creating accessibility for all people. You choose what level feels best for you. No questions asked.



SCHOLARSHIP ~ Apply here!

A portion of the proceeds from this program will go to support Higher Heights Leadership Fund, and the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center.  

All humans welcome!

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