SACRED CYCLES + FINDING FLOW ~ with Portia Richardson

This offering explores the wisdom found within the sacred cycle and how to find your flow as you ride the waves.

We will discuss the cross-cultural significance of the ancient symbols of wheels, spirals, and sacred geometry – and explore how these teachings exist with ancient philosophies and myth.

We will learn to re-member and honor our natural rhythms, including attuning ourselves to:

  • the moon phases
  • the daily cycle
  • the seasonal cycle
  • the menstrual cycle
  • the death-birth cycle
  • and more!

This class is for all of you who are feeling stuck within the pressures of our linear society and want to learn to move through your life with more awareness, intentionality, and ease.

All humans welcome.

DATE / TIME : Sunday, October 27th 1-4pm

LOCATION : Healing Elements in St. Paul

REGISTRATION : You can register through the Healing Elements website HERE.