SISTER STORY: Circle for All Women


SISTER STORY: circle for all women ~ with Gigi Bisong

A sacred evening of releasing all residue of secrecy, silence and self judgment through the art of storytelling and deep connecting

About this Event

Topic: The Unworthiness Wound

A night of intimate storytelling for all women!

Each gathering will have a theme for us to share stories so our collective shame may be witnessed and our repressed power may be unveiled.

Many of us have pains of abandonment. This could include physical or emotional abandonment which can cause us to shrink or water down our voices for fear of being rejected.

In this space – our voices will be honored – our wisdom will be held and all of us will be accepted! You will be gathered with a circle of women who are there to witness you and see you in your rawest state with no residue of assumptions or judgements . Your sisters this evening will show up to make room for your glorious self as well as your insecure self. All of you is welcomed and all of you is loved.

Storytelling is a way to express the parts of us that may have been ignored Hated. Rejected. Shamed. or numbed Here we will be Holding It as sacred and acknowledging it for the medicine that it is!

Your stories are medicine for others pain

Your stories allow you to embody the wisdoms that you hold

Your stories allow deep connections to be formed

In this gathering we honor the storytellers in our lineage by sharing the stories of our family and our roots as well as sharing the wisdom’s that are birthed from the stories of our own personal lives.

We will begin each gathering with a brief meditation where we can anchor in our connection as sisters. So each of us know we are not alone and that we don’t have to hide.

For Each story can be a doorway that gives us access to more of us.

Most of us have spent most of our younger years trying to perfect the skill of stuffing our emotions and brilliance in order to fit in. But not here.

We don’t have to be well known authors or the top spiritual teachers to hold and offer wisdom. This will be a sweet evening of unleashing all of us through the art of storytelling.

Evening will include:

Brief Meditation

Storytelling (7 min each – With time in between to share impact)

Time for to relax, mingle and connect. Tea, wine and cosmic conversation time.

***You do not have to share a story in order to attend.**** All Women Welcomed!!

DATE: Friday, April 10th 7- 10pm


REGISTRATION: You are welcome to register HERE. Space is limited, so register early!