Sisterhood + the Sacred Mirror


Sisterhood + the Sacred Mirror ~ with Portia Richardson

Join me for a reflective look into the sacred mirror of sisterhood.

What do we see when we look around the circle of our sisters? What do we feel in the presence of powerful, beautiful, creative womxn? Hint – it might not always feel so great. It may be triggering and invoke feelings of envy, judgement, and competition.

This is our collective feminine shadow speaking to us! This workshop is all about giving her a voice.

We will explore her role in helping us discover our greatest gifts as womxn. We will ask: Where does she come from? What can she teach us? How is she an opening to deepen our connection to ourselves and each other? How is she an ally who can help us learn to honor our power as womxn? Are we ready to see things how they truly are? Are we ready to look honestly in our own mirror? And what happens next?

This offering will weave together sacred listen and speaking practices, partner mirror work, and group ritual.


Friday, November 8th – 5-7pm at The Whispering Cave.

You can register HERE.