So You Are Spiritually Woke, What Now?

So You’re Spiritually Woke, What Now? Sustaining Daily Magic and Transformation ~ with Shira Naharit

This workshop series is a deep dive into the maintenance of spiritual awakening through daily meditation and purposeful, actionable, intention setting.   An ongoing challenge of waking up and staying woke is balancing new awareness with every day responsibilities. Together we’ll explore meditative tools to create balance and strengthen your spiritual roots during your continued transformation. This series is the ultimate soul restoration process.

Facilitator: Shira Naharit – an energy worker, teacher, and writer from Minneapolis.  Shira comes from a long ancestral line of healers, and draws from a multi-racial lineage that is inclusive and welcoming to all manifestations of identity. Let’s light up the grid together.

Dates: Every Saturday night in June (6/2, 6/9, 6/16, 6/23, 6/30) ~ 6-7:30pm

Exchange: $65.00 for the series of 5 classes – or $15.00 a la carte.

Register for the series here: MAGIC

Register for individual classes here: TRANSFORMATION




6/2 ~ Surrender and the Release of Old Narratives – This workshop will be all about the undoing. What old narratives – stories about who you should be, stories about who you’ve disappointed, who you need to be in order to receive love – need to be released in order for you to stand in your full power? Let’s redefine and rediscover our roots together through ritual and meditation.


6/9 ~ Surrender and Awakening: Honoring the Veil Drop – This workshop will be about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Building on the theme of release from workshop one, we’ll tap ancient practices to honor and encourage the dropping of veils, and begin the process of surfacing your true self.


6/16 ~ Surrender and Surfacing of the True Self – This workshop will use mantras to reset energies that no longer serve you. We’ll pull from multiple global traditions to reconnect with and retrieve your highest self.


6/23 ~ Surrender and Invocation: Empowering Source to Empower Yourself – This workshop asks what is your relationship to source, and how do you sustain meaningful connection? We’ll create an altar for the evening and use meditative tools to surrender, connect, and invoke your highest self and potential. Please bring a small memento, rock, or crystal to place on the altar for the evening.

6/30 ~ Surrender as the Path to Healing – This workshop will be a culmination of the awakening process and be a deeply restorative journey. We will begin the workshop with a group energy cleanse to seal our intentions. Together we will settle into deep surrender through a healing meditation.