Spirit flight night

Come out to SPIRIT FLIGHT NIGHT and let your spirit explore the vastness and beauty of the Otherworlds! This is a night dedicated to learning and practicing the art of spirit flight.

What’s spirit flight? It is the practice of intentionally shifting your brainwaves patterns using sound and ritual to induce altered states of consciousness that access boarder bandwidths of information. We use drums, rattles, singing bowls, and the voice. You may experience a range of sensations, thoughts, visions, emotions, and gain useful insights.

No prior experience is required! All levels of comfort and familiarity with this practice are welcome to join. Please bring a yoga mat or blanket to lay on, a journal, a drum and/or rattle, and any sacred items that will help ground and support you as are journeying.

Facilitated by Portia Richardson.

Exchange: $15

Next offering: 11/3

Space is limited. Registration via online booking is required. You are able to register via our Schedulicity page.

Online scheduling

The only journey is the one within.  ~ Rainer Maria Rilke