This is a diy interview series I conducted in 2018-19 as part of my online program Tending the Witch Wound . It was designed to supplement the program content and give me an outlet to explore this subject more casually in community, while still being energetically contained within the course container.

However, in 2020 I’ve felt a strong pull to share these conversations with all who are interested – and many of my witchy friends and magical colleagues consented to me sharing their interviews with you (more interviews may be added as I receive consent from guests) – so now they are free access here!

All guests are asked three questions:

  • What is your relationship with the witch archetype?
  • How do you conceptualize/experience the witch wound – personally/collectively
  • How do we tend this wound – personally/collectively?

The ordering below is nonlinear and I’ve intentionally left out bio descriptions – and I encourage you to intuitively watch as you are drawn in.

If this subject resonates with you, I offer a Witch Wound  healing container to offer you 1:1 support in going deeper.  Please reach out to me directly at portia@tallreedshealingarts.com for more info!

More interviews will be added soon!