TENDING THE WITCH WOUND: A journey to release, restore, reclaim, and reweave our world from the inside out ~ with Portia Richardson


The witch wound

The witch wound is a multi-dimensional pattern of disharmony based on ancestral trauma that shows up on all levels: mind, body, heart, spirit, community. How it shows up looks and feels different depending on your identity, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, and experiences.

At the core of the witch wound is a deep disconnect from your lineage, your power center, your heart, your voice, your truth, your spirituality, and your relationship with the larger community and web of life.

The witch wound disempowers, divides, cuts off, oppresses all of us in various ways from the inside out. It is a cultural root rot that has spread around the world like a plague, leaving a long scar of colonialism and terror. For some of us, the wound is so old it has become frozen and numb. For others of us, it is burning with rage.

We must come together and tend to it. Now is the time. Only through tending is healing possible. The witch wound calls us into our individual and collective Wounded Healer.

We have the power to transform our scars into sigils of power and reconnection.  

In this program we will:

  • Describe and explore patterns of latent ancestral trauma – and witness how these patterns shows up in our lives (personally/collectively) at this time in history. 
  • Learn and apply holistic ways to tend this wound on all levels: mind, body, heart, spirit, community – through webinar lectures, live community experiential calls (on Sunday evenings), guest interviews, personal self-care rituals and more!

Here is a teaser of our guest interview series for the first course RELEASE. Guests include (in order of appearance): Max Dashu, Dean Radin, Corinne Loperfido, Tasha Anderson-Hatch, Daniel Foor, Lydia Rose, Shira Naharit, Liv SulerudOdeya Nini, Amy Kuretsky, and Erin Telford! With more to come!  


This program is made of four 12-week courses that follow the wheel of the year (see descriptions and dates below). Courses can be taken individually (a la carte) or you are welcome to enroll in the full program.

Each course will include:

  • 7 prerecorded webinars lectures (30+ minutes each) – $500 value
  • 5 live community calls dedicated to Q & A and group experiential guided rituals and meditations. (60 minutes each) – $625 value

Plus FREE bonus material:

  • Lots of supplemental resources each week to dive deeper.
  • Prompts and invitations for personal self-care and ritual practices.
  • An interview series with powerful truth tellers exploring the witch wound personally and collectively.



(Click on pricing options and follow links to register!)

$1111 ~ full program

$444 ~ courses à la carte




$777 ~ full program

$222 ~ courses à la carte

This exchange price is set with the intention of creating space for marginalized peoples – as well as an act of reparations and decolonization. Intersectionality is crucial when exploring the full picture of how the witch wound must be collectively tended. You decided if this exchange applies to you. No questions asked.



RELEASE (Northern Hemisphere Fall 2018 portal – 9/22/18 to 12/15/18): healing our roots – through ancestral healing and reconnection, grief work, shadow work, somatic healing, working with trauma, releasing scarcity and fear-based patterns – and more! REGISTRATION NOW OPEN (click for more details)!RESTORE (Northern Hemisphere Winter 2019 portal): healing our core, cultivating power, sacred sexuality and creativity, personal wellbeing, mind-body medicine, healthy boundaries  – and more!

RECLAIM (Northern Hemisphere Spring 2019 portal): healing our hearts, speaking truth to power, being seen, expressing and owning healthy anger, navigating jealousy and competition, unleashing passion, finding flow – and more!

REWEAVE (Northern Hemisphere Summer 2019 portal): healing our community, fostering abundance, pleasure as resistance, spiritual activism, cultural healing, collective consciousness and psi skills, art of manifestation – and more!

This program is for anyone who is:

  • Feeling the call of the wild and longing to reconnect to an innately animistic and wholistic worldview that is your ancestral birthright.
  • Feeling the pull of the witch (as well as potentially some aversion, resistance, or fear of this archetype).
  • Feeling pent up with anger and grief, tired/wired and stressed, and generally out of your body, lost and overwhelmed by the state of the world – but ready to do what’s needed to step into your power and truth.
  • Wanting to live a spirit-led life, in service to the collective, but is struggling to move beyond fear.
  • Longing for a community who can meet you at where you are NOW and see/support your vision.
A portion of the proceeds from this program will go to support Higher Heights Leadership Fund and National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center

All humans welcome!

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