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TENDING THE WITCH WOUND: A journey to release, restore, reclaim, and reweave our world from the inside out ~ with Portia Richardson

The Witch Wound

The witch wound is a meta-level pattern of disharmony and ancestral trauma held within our larger cultural bodies. It is the energetic imprint of colonization. It shows up on all levels of your being: mind, body, heart, spirit, community.

How it shows up on the individual level looks and feels different depending on your identity, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, and experiences. But essentially, at the core of the witch wound there exists:

  • An illusion of separateness
  • A deep disconnect from your cultural lineage and ancient wisdom ways
  • A profound level of disembodiment
  • An oppression of your personal power and sovereignty
  • A suppression of emotional expression
  • A primal fear of speaking your truth to power and being seen
  • A disenchantment with the belief in your intuitive abilities and capacity to sense subtle energies
  • A mistrust of communal support
  • A degradation of reciprocal, respectful relationships with the larger web of life

The witch wound disempowers, divides, cuts off, oppresses all of us in various ways from the inside out. Metaphorically speaking, I see the witch wound as a cultural forest fire that has spread around the world, leaving a long scar of terror.

For those with European ancestry, the wound is so old (thousands of years), the roots have all but withered away. The pattern has become internalized and self-perpetuating. The active burning has turned cold and numb. But underneath this frozeness the wound festers covertly through the illusion of systemic privilege.

For those who identify as black, indigenous, and/or people of color (BIPOC), the wound is relatively more recent in history (hundreds of years). The pattern is less internalized and the feeling of pain is more accessible within the cultural body of BIPOC. However, the cultural forests of BIPOC are still be being actively and overtly burned through systemic oppression.

Furthermore, the witch wound is woven from intersectional patriarchal wounds of sexual and gender politics; religious fundamentalism; classism and the rise of global capitalism; hyper-rationalism, materialism, and scientific dogma; and a heartbreaking disenchantment with magic and animistic ways of relating with all beings and the ancient entity we commonly call Mother Earth.  

We must come together now and tend to it our wounding.  Witches are wounded healers with the powers to transform individual and collective scars into sigils of reconnection.

We must regrow our forests once again – from the roots to the canopy and beyond.

We must release the old pattern, restore our power, reclaim our place within the whole, and reweave our relationships within the web of life. 


In this program we will:

  • Explore the energy of the witch archetype past and present – and discuss why the witch energy is rising within the collective currently.
  • Discuss the history of witch hunts in Europe as connected to colonization of gender, the body, the earth, and land-based cultures globally.
  • Describe how the witch wound pattern of disharmony is present within the layers of our individual beings (mind, body, spirit, heart) and how it shows within our larger cultural beings (communities) at this time.
  • Invite in ways of tending this wound through holistic practices rooted in ancient wisdom and modern science that help release, restore, reclaim, and reweave us from the inside out.


RELEASE : Healing our roots. We will deprogram fear-based cultural scripts, explore shadow work, develop somatic skills, open our hearts to grief, honor and reconnect to our ancestral lineage, learn basic energetic hygiene – and more! RESTORE : Healing our trunks. We will cultivate practices to keep our minds open and honor our bodies as scared temples. We will create rituals for joy and play and deepen our relationship with Spirit. We will learn to appreciate and relate well with our diverse and complex community – and more! RECLAIM : Healing our branches.  We will claim our individuality as sacred holograms of the whole, tell our stories, speak truth to power, cultivate body literacy and positivity, expand our emotional range, deepen our spiritual and lineage connections, practice being seen and finding flow in our relationships  – and more!

REWEAVE : Healing our forest. We will foster equity of abundance, heal our collective bodies through healing the earth, share pleasure, attune to expanded states of consciousness, build psi skills, craft our art of manifestation, develop our ethos of spiritual activism – and more! 


This 48 week virtual program is made of four 12-week courses that follow the wheel of the year (see descriptions below), although because time is non-linear, you are welcome to begin at any time and move at your own pace through the material. This program includes:

  • 28 prerecorded webinars lectures (7 per course)
  • 8 DIY ritual practices (2 per course)
  • 4 guided imagery mediations (1 per course)
  • Lots of personal practice suggestions for your on-going self-care and skill development
  • A ton of supplemental resources that I have hand selected to support you in diving deeper down the rabbit hole. 
  • 21 inspired interviews (1 hour long each) specifically created for this program with powerful truth tellers exploring the witch wound personally and collectively.

This program is for anyone who:

  • feels the call of the witch and is leaning in as you read this
  • is curious and ready to explore how the witch energy is coming through you 
  • longs to reconnect to an innately animistic and wholistic worldview that is your ancestral birthright
  • feels pent up with emotions, stressed, and generally out of your body, lost and overwhelmed by the state of the world – but ready to do what’s needed to step into your power and truth
  • wants to live a spirit-led life, in service to the collective, but is struggling to move beyond fear
  • wants to move through a wholistic process of releasing what no longer serves, restoring power, reclaiming space, and reweaving connections 


These exchanges are set with the intention of creating accessibility for all people. You choose what level feels best for you. No questions asked.


Paying It Forward is for folx who are experiencing abundance and security and want to spread the love around to those who need it. This exchange level allow the Receiving Support level to be sustainable. Thank you for sharing your abundance with this community!


Showing Up is for folx who are in the process of showing up for yourselves, so that you can show up for the collective. This exchange invites harmonious flow between giving and receiving. Thank you for your willingness to explore this dynamic balancing! 


Receive Support is for folx who need extra support. BIPOC, GNC, students, seniors, single parents, people working in the service economy, artists, and activists are invited to consider this exchange. Thank you for honoring your needs to receive support! 


The Scholarship is for those of you who are unable to enter this program at the above exchange levels. Thank you for prioritizing your witchy wellness above cost barriers!

A portion of the proceeds from this program will go to support Higher Heights Leadership Fund, and the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center.  

All humans welcome!

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