TENDING THE WITCH WOUND: A journey to release, restore, reclaim, and reweave our world from the inside out ~ with Portia Richardson


In this online course we will:

  • Identify a collectively held energetic-mental-emotional-physical pattern of latent ancestral trauma and witness how this pattern is showing up in our lives currently. 
  • Explore dynamic and holistic ways to tend this wound on all levels: mind, body, heart, spirit, community. We will go beyond intellect into deeply experiential and relational ways of knowing – so that we may begin to transform the Witch Wound into a sacred scar, or sigil, that acts as a reservoir of wild, intuitive, magical power – so we may show up in service to ourselves and our communities.

General topics and themes to be covered include:

RELEASE (Fall 2018 portal): healing our roots, ancestral healing and reconnection, grief work, shadow work, somatic healing, working with trauma, releasing scarcity and fear-based patterns – and more!

RESTORE (Winter 2019 portal): healing our core, cultivating power, sacred sexuality and creativity, personal wellbeing, mind-body medicine, healthy boundaries  – and more!

RECLAIM (Spring 2019 portal): healing our hearts, speaking truth to power, being seen, expressing and owning healthy anger, unleashing passion, finding flow – and more!

REWEAVE (Summer 2019 portal): healing our community, fostering abundance, pleasure as resistance, spiritual activism, cultural healing, collective consciousness and psi skills, art of manifestation – and more!

This course is for anyone who is:

  • Feeling the call of the wild and longing to reconnect to an innately animistic and wholistic worldview that is your ancestral birthright.
  • Feeling the pull of the Witch (as well as potentially some aversion, resistance, or fear of this archetype).
  • Feeling pent up with anger and grief, tired/wired and stressed, and generally out of your body, lost and overwhelmed by the state of the world – but ready to do what’s needed to step into your power and truth.
  • Wanting to live a spirit-led life, in service to the collective, but is struggling to move beyond fear.
  • Longing for a community who can meet you at where you are NOW and see/support your vision.

All humans welcome!

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