The Goal of This Workshop Is to Have You Feeling So Good You Won’t Even Need A Resolution! 

This workshop will bring you beyond the everyday human experience where chasing external measures of approval is the norm. Call BS on this old norm and embody a new norm! Where your power, influence and fierce spirit can never be measured. It is too vast for measurement. It can never be negotiated. It is inherently you! Woven deep within the fabric of your existence. This space is dedicated to embodying this energy. This is about real transformation! You will be engaged in relational meditation, journaling, ceremony, meditation, talking, listening and exercises to anchor in this energy.

This workshop is for the women who are sick of setting goals the traditional way & who are stuck in self-sabotage or a feeling of “Something is Missing”.

This is for you if you have :

  • Bought the pretty new year planners
  • Made audacious goals
  • Manifested miracles yet still feel “off”
  • All while also experiencing self-sabotage and unsettledness.

Creation doesn’t need to happen by pushing toward future goals. 

Creation happens when there is space for the creation to live. 

During this workshop you will:

  • Allow the power of your glorious presence to fully come forth. 
  • Honor your allowance. Knowing allowance creates the space for miracles to emerge. 
  • Be liberated from needing approval and validation from others
  • Experience audacious self-acceptance, freedom, and self-love & learn how to live it
  • Be met with sacred sisterhood which will create a loving space to connect to your truth center…where your power lies. Your beauty and power will no longer be postponed. 
  • Dig deeper into what your unique energetic calling is

You my Dear by your very existence will be Giving birth to magnificence. Painting the world with Love. 

At this workshop you will get away from needing things to look a certain way, chasing the next adventure or certification, and seeking outside of yourself for validation. 

It will feel as if years of unworthiness, trauma, abandonment and shame had been kissed by an angel 

You will leave feeling deeply connected, loved, aligned and perfectly complete as you are!

Let’s make 2020 the year you’re not just talking about what you’d love to achieve but the year where you’re a living embodiment of Love! 

DATE: Saturday 4th 6:00-9:30pm

REGISTRATION: You are welcome to register HERE. Space is limited! Register early!

M E E T  G I G I  B I S O N G

GIGI BISONG ~ is a warm, engaging, expressive and authentic coach.

Her calling is to see the God/Goddess in everyone she meets and mirror back to them their glorious selves. This wasn’t always Gigi’s way of being. As a painfully shy child, it was difficult for Gigi to create intimate connections with peers. Yet she found great ease in being intimate with a pen and paper which is how writing and reading became her first loves. Showing her full acceptance and utter strength. Strength to hold all of her emotions. The pages never judged her tears as too much nor did the pen frown at her wild imagination. She found a home in writing.

Gigi’s shyness, inability to fit in, deep wisdom, and colorful imagination are the foundation for the work she currently brings into the world. Even though Gigi was painfully shy – she would naturally tune into her innate power when she did presentations at school. In 9th grade, she discovered a new love. Public Speaking. She was able to tap into an energy that was beyond her years. As a young girl, she realized her writing and speaking was a vessel to a higher consciousness.

Gigi is a motivational speaker. Partial credits include:MankatoState University, US Bank,Comcast, and Northeast Middle School. She is also a former Huff Post contributor, coach, retreat leader, and best selling author.

Gigi leads group coaching experiences in Minneapolis where she creates spaces for individuals to connect to a profound journey of self-acceptance. Partial credits include: Minneapolis Public Schools Parent Coaching Program, Harriet Tubman, NE Wellness, 612 Yoga, and Wellstone High School. 

Gigi has emerged from a shy girl who was awkward and uncomfortable in her body into a woman standing fiercely in her unique truth. Her personal journey gives her the ability to coach from true experience. Showing up with deep compassion, vulnerability, love, non-judgment, integrity and wisdom to all those she meets. She can meet others with this because she has met herself. You can connect with Gigi at and follow her on Instagram at @gigi_bisong.