MWH 2019

The Medicine of Wounded Healers : a group healing intensive ~ with Portia Richardson

I work with a lot of healers – and people in other fields who are exploring the possibility of shifting into a healing profession – on how to navigate the shame and self-judgment that comes up around the problematic notion that to be a good healer you need to have worked through all your baggage.

And most of us haven’t sorted through all our painful issues and experiences – because so much of our wounding lives beneath our conscious awareness – and little bits bubble up when they are ready to be healed, and as we are able to alchemize them into medicine.

Many healers become healers because they have a deep longing to heal-thy-self. Is this true for you?

To be effective healers requires a willingness to look at our stuff and tend to it as we are able. But there is no such thing as being fully arrived at the finish line. Healing is an on-going process of peeling back the layers of your experience with compassion, and then gently integrating them into your understanding of who you are as a whole unbroken being.

This offering was created for all of you who want to do healing work (and perhaps currently are) but struggle with a sense of internal dissonance when you look at your own health challenges (mental/emotional/physical/spiritual/relational) – and especially as they relate to your skills and abilities, professional image and relationships, how you market yourself, and what your healing path looks and feels like.

I am a firm and passionate believer in supporting more healers to step in fully to our gifts and desires to help the world. The world needs all of us to show up right now! But we are only able to show up for each other to the extent with which we are willing to show up for ourselves.

And this means, learning to care and love those parts of ourselves that aren’t included in our professional bios. It means unhooking from the belief systems that reinforces false perfectionism, guru-ism, and positive bypassing of what healing actually looks and feels like often times behind the scenes – and learn to just be real and accept our humanness.

This container is designed to help you honor your wounds – and learn to consciously walk with them, allowing them to guide you. I am here to help you develop a process to give your wounds space and a voice – in a way that feels safe and manageable. Because I believe your wounds are your most potent medicine – and that you will be a better practitioner for creating this honest and loving relationship with yourself.

O U R  C O N T A I N E R

2020 DATES: We will meet for 4 group sessions on Tuesday nights 7-9:30pm – 1/14, 2/11, 3/10, 4/14

LOCATION: 2909 Bryant Ave. S. #302 Minneapolis, MN 55408

CONTENT:  Each group session will be different and our flow will be guided by what organically arises within the group. Much of the content will involve story telling and sharing in circle, as well as mirror work, somatic and embodiment practices, guided imagery/meditation, and group ritual work.  This container is meant to be somewhat experimental and flexible – to be able to meet the specific needs of our group.

PARTICIPATION: In order to keep this container potent and relationally as safe as possible, I am limiting the number of participants to 9 people. The intention here is to weave supportive community by getting to know one another in an honest, humble, and compassion way – so we can be loving mirrors for each other and help each other alchemize our wounds into medicine that can be shared by all!  Please register early to assure your spot (see link below). I have also created a private website space for resource sharing and group discussion that will be used during the course as a way to stay connected in between sessions.

EXCHANGE: $222 for 4 classes (totaling 10 hours of contact time).

REGISTRATION: You are welcome to register HERE.

ACCESSIBILITY: If you would like to be part of this healing container but are struggling with cost, please email me directly to discuss how we might find a mutual solution. Also – if you have any physical or mental/emotional health concerns that will need special accommodations, please email me prior to our first session so I can make appropriate arrangements to meet your needs.

 “Ring the bell that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There’s a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how light gets in.” ~Leonard Cohen