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TENDING THE WITCH WOUND ~ with Portia Richardson

This offering is an in-person version of my Tending the Witch Wound virtual program condensed into a few hours! It will give you a great overview of the material and if you want to go deeper, I encourage you to check out the full program.

The Witch Wound

The witch wound is a multi-dimensional pattern of disharmony based on ancestral trauma and colonization that shows up on all levels: mind, body, heart, spirit, community. How it shows up looks and feels different depending on your identity, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, and experiences.

At the core of the witch wound is a deep disconnect from your lineage, your power center, your heart, your voice, your truth, your spirituality, and your relationship with the larger community and web of life.

The witch wound disempowers, divides, cuts off, oppresses all of us in various ways from the inside out. It is a cultural root rot that has spread around the world like a plague, leaving a long scar of terror. For some of us, the wound is so old it has become frozen. For others of us, it is actively burning.

We must come together and tend to it. Now is the time. Only through tending is healing possible. The witch archetype calls us into our individual and collective wounded healer with the power to transform our scars into sigils of reconnection.  

In this offering we will:

  • Explore the energy of the witch archetype cross-culturally, past and present – and discuss why the witch is trending currently.
  • Discuss the history of witch hunts in Europe as connected to colonization of gender, the body, the earth, and land-based cultures globally.
  • Describe the witch wound pattern of disharmony in detail and identify how it shows up for us as individuals and within our larger cultural bodies at this time.
  • Invite in ways of tending this wound through wholistic practices rooted in ancient wisdom and modern science that help release, restore, reclaim, and reweave us from the inside out – back into our original forms and harmonize our mind, body, heart, spirit, and community.
  • Engage in dynamic group discussions and experiential exercises to feel our witch wounds and begin to tend to them within our communal container.
  • Co-create a ritual to honor our lineages of witches and resource the well of our ancestral magic.

This class is open to humans – all identities and presentations.

Next offering: spring/summer 2019 TBA