Uploading the New Earth

Are you in your body? Do you trust your body to lead the way? Can you follow? What does your body want? What does the earth want?

The earth speaks to us through the body. And we must learn to listen – now more than ever

In this offering we will explore the intersections among:

  • body-centered healing practices
  • consciousness studies and spirituality
  • ecofeminism & women’s health (although all gender identifications are welcome)
  • earth justice & sacred activism

We will deepen our somatic awareness through ritual embodiment practices and seek to open the body as a channel for manifestation.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle, and be ready to get into your body!

Facilitator: Portia Richardson

Date: Saturday, April 21st ~ 6-9pm

Exchange: $35  Registration via online booking is required.

Register by clicking: UPLOADING THE NEW EARTH