Uploading the New Earth

UPLOADING THE NEW EARTH: body as channel ~ with Portia Richardson


What does this title suggest? A lot of spiritual seekers nowadays want to learn how to hone the ability to channel healing energy into this earthly plane and bring balance to our collective system – all the while ushering in the new age, which is actually a renewal of ancient wisdom.

This is wonderful! And needed! However in order to do this we must each become embodied.

Our bodies are containers that transmit energetic data. We must heal our colonialist bypass of the body – because it is only through the body that we are able to access the subtle realms of our collective consciousness and upload new patterns into our physical reality. When we heal our relationship with our bodies we heal our relationship with the earth.

Are you in your body? Can you feel it? Do you listen your body speak? What does your body want and need? What does the earth want and need?

The earth speaks to us through the body, because the body is of the earth. And we must listen – now more than ever!

In this offering we will learn to harness our individual embodied experience as a portal to transmit multidimensional data and upload the emergent patterns needed to support harmony within our collective body.

We will engage in dynamic group discussions to dive deep into the topics below and explore embodiment rituals to deepen our somatic awareness. You will gain practical skills to heal your relationship with your body and feel supported within the larger web of life.

We will explore the intersections among:

  • body-centered healing and somatic practices
  • healing trauma – personal, communal, and ancestral
  • consciousness and parapsychology research
  • quantum physics and mysticism
  • ritual work and magic practice
  • sacred activism as it relates to the decolonization of body and earth justice

Wear comfortable clothes. You may want to bring an extra blanket or pillow – or anything that will support your body to relax.

This class is open to humans – all identities and presentations.

DATE: Next date projected spring/summer 2019.