Mama Rose is hosting a ‘Vulnerable’ Community Meeting where we will bring ideas to the table as to how to continue ‘Vulnerable’ as a community movement!

Vulnerability is being OPEN. It’s what allows us to connect, heal and collaborate rather than compete. Together we can create an arts community that has MORE resources, that keeps money circulating within, that holds safe spaces and opportunities to share works that are revolutionary in their honesty. Not everything has to be finished and polished before we share it. Who makes the rules for what is allowed in performance art spaces?

Mama Rose believes in sharing our process AS WE GO so that we can connect over our journeys, over what we have in common as humans: creators.

Come, join us and listen and speak if you feel called to contribute your ideas! Share feedback, how did ‘Vulnerable’ impact you as an event? What would support you as a creative person as ‘Vulnerable’ evolves as a movement?

DATE: Friday 12/6 ~ 6-8pm. This is not a drop in event. Please arrive on time.

REGISTRATION: To register RSVP to Mama Rose at Space is limited to 25 people.