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The witch wound healing container is designed to support witch-curious folx, such as you, who want to come out of the broom-closet but need help in learning how to work with magic in a grounded and practical way!

This healing container is for you ~ if you:

  • are feeling the call of the witch, but are struggling to accept the call out of fear
  • are struggling to find your voice, be seen, take up space, maintain healthy boundaries, connect to your creativity and erotic energy
  • are longing to deepen your energetic connection with your ancestors
  • are an energetically sensitive creature and want to learn how to use your sensitivities as superpowers
  • are ready to step into your authenticity as a magical being
  • are ready to develop and hone your craft

This healing container emphasizes:

  • building mind-body and subtle energetic skills, including your sixth sense abilities
  • animism and right relating to all beings (material and nonmaterial)
  • ancestral healing
  • ritual practice for self and others
  • integration of magic into everyday life
  • collective consciousness and healing collective trauma
  • sacred activism

You will come in approximately 1x month – you can schedule around the moon phases if that feels supportive.  All healing practices may be used as we create an individualized plan based on your challenges, desires, and goals.

7 sessions ~ 7 moons ~ $770 

13 sessions ~ 13 moons ~ $1287 

“All of this magic medicine Portia delivers is exactly what my heart and soul has needed. Never have I felt more ok with who I am, or even started to realize who I AM, until now. Of course there were glimpses and feelings over the years, but with Portia’s assistance and the resources she shares I feel like I can actually grasp it and hone it home. I have a lot of work to do but with Portia’s guidance and my own innate abilities, I feel incredibly empowered and excited (and scared) to embark on this healing journey.” ~ M. B.