I hope this question and answer page gives you a sense of what to expect.

Photo by Sarah White. Model Romina Takimoto.


If you are NEW to me you will select whichever session best fits your needs:

  • Initial Virtual Visit (1 hour) ~  chose this session if you want to do a basic first session without committing to a healing container (see below).
  • Bipoc/Nonbinary – Activism + Healing (1 hour) ~ you must first be officially enrolled in this program to book sessions. Please email me at portia@tallreedshealingarts.com for more info.
  • Healing Containers (1 hour) ~  I offer several healing containers (see my 1:1 Offerings page for more info). You do not need a separate initial visit if you want to begin with a healing container. However, you do not need to begin with a healing container and can chose to commit to this level of care at any time during the course of your care.

You are welcome to schedule online by clicking this blue blue button!

Online scheduling

Please email me at portia@tallreedshealingarts.com if you have trouble finding a time.

Check out my 1:1 Offerings page for more info about how we may work together!

Photo by Sarah White. Model Romina Takimoto.


NOTE: I am currently offering only virtual sessions and have permanently closed my uptown office location and am transitioning to a home studio. I will update the answer to this question soon! In the meantime, please email me if you have specific questions! 

During your initial visit you will come on in, take off your shoes, hang up your coat, grab some tea – and then I’ll have some paperwork for you to fill out including: my basic intake form, an acupuncture consent form (if you want to use acupuncture), a HIPAA form, and my cancelation policy form. This only takes a few minutes.

Then we will pop into the treatment room. I will invite you to share your story of why you are coming in to see me. You are welcome to begin wherever you want and flow. Tears are very welcome in this space – and common. I will reflect back what I’m hearing and gently ask clarifying questions to make sure I’m understanding your story.

Over the course of this first session, I may offer insights or suggest we do various mind-body exercises depending on what is coming up. I may ask if you want some table time. You are encouraged to share with me your needs/wants, hopes, goals, and intentions for our time together.

I do not have a one-size fits all approach and believe in individualized care, so we will find our flow organically and co-create how we will work together over time.

Some sessions we may have more chair time, other sessions we may have more table time. I invite you to be empowered in noticing what feels most supportive for you. I am happy to make suggestions over the course of your care based on my clinical experience.

I typically begin more conservatively with people in terms of modalities I may choose to use – and then weave in more esoteric practices as we build our relational container and rapport. I’ve learned it’s best to take this work step by step and not rush into a practice out of curiosity, because the more esoteric work tends to move a lot of energy. I prefer us both to be as grounded as possible before we go there.

At the end of your sessions I will give you relevant resources, simple self-care practices, and guidelines to help you integrate between sessions.  I hold you accountable by seeing you as an adult capable of acting in your best interest. I trust you will do what feels doable for you given where you are at in your process. I will celebrate with you as you make large and small strides toward your goals!


This is actually very common. I get a lot of people coming to me with a vague sense of needing more support in a number of areas of their lives, but not sure exactly why. I encourage you to trust your intuition. You don’t need to have it all figured out in advance. Part of my role is to help you get clearer and begin to see the patterns in your life that contribute to your general dis-ease. From there we can come up with a holistic care plan together.


I like to say I’m not a mechanic. I’m not here to fix you, and I see you as whole, even as you are struggling.

I am interested in supporting people who are ready to work over time and sink below bandaid style symptom management approaches. My goal is to get to the root cause of your suffering and help you find ways to heal from the bottom up. This takes time. But slow medicine is strong medicine.

I’ve discovered the sweet spot for truly shifting long-standing multidimensional patterns (in your mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and relational bodies) is coming in for a session somewhere between every week to every 6 weeks.  People who come in to see me outside of this time frame tend to experience shifts during the session, but these shifts don’t last over time.

The 1-6 week frequency window allows for an amplification effect to grow over time. Here’s a way to gauge what frequency is best for you:

  • 1-3 weeks: if you need more acute support, want to front-load our work together and get the ball rolling, or if you don’t have other practitioners to support you.
  • 4-6 weeks: if you like a bit more spaciousness and integration time between sessions, have other practitioners who you are also working with, or if you simply need to space out your sessions due to time/cost issues.

In terms of course of care, I suggest giving it at minimum 3 months before making a judgment call if this approach is working for you or not. Here’s an idea of what’s expected over the course of our work together:

  • 1-3 months: This time allows us to build up rapport, for you to get a better sense of how I work, and for me to get a better sense of how you respond and adjust my approach. By the end of 3 months you will begin to see shifts occurring.
  • 4-6 months: This is when we really start cooking! You will begin to see a drop in the frequency and severity of your “flares” – and experience more stability and vitality in your daily life. Your ups/downs will begin to level off as you gain skills to ride the waves.
  • 6-12month: This is where the real magic begins to emerge. Working together over the full wheel of the year opens up all sorts of opportunities to go deeper into your patterns. I will support you through seasonal changes and anniversaries – as well as all the various unexpected life stuff that comes up and presents you with opportunities to practice applying your new patterns.
  • 1 year and beyond: I’m proud to say I have many clients who have been seeing me for several years – and this is my most beloved way to support you. After working closely together for the first year, it’s normal to space out sessions if needed, or find a groove that fits your rhythm. Some people see me in clusters when life stress gets intense. Other people keep a regular schedule and use our time as preventative medicine and wellness. I’m honored to be part of your on-going self-care if this feels supportive to you.


These days I try to keep a soft yet clear boundary with clients, especially because I see a lot of people who I meet through various community circles. I’ve learned a lot about my professional boundaries and navigating duel-relationships over the years and what works best for me to maintain my energy, integrity, and ethical standards.

Here’s what I can offer you: 

  • Regardless of the nature of our other relationships, our therapeutic work is completely confidential. This is a hard line I will never break – and is part of my legal responsibility as your practitioner.
  • All our work together is always consensual. I will never take you past a boundary that you do not agree to: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and relationally.
  • I will not mention the nature of our therapeutic relationship if I see you in public. I will defer to you to approach me and introduce me in whatever way you feel is appropriate to your boundaries. I’m use to being introduced in a vague way as “someone I know from around the community”. However, many people are happy to introduce me as their practitioner. Whatever works for you, works for me!
  • I will always respect your time and energy during sessions and hold to our agreements. If I’m running behind schedule I will still honor your full time. Please let me know if you have a hard stop. The only reason I cancel sessions short notice is due to unexpected illness (this is a rare occurrence).
  • If I believe for any reason that I can no longer serve you in the best way possible, I will communicate this to you as soon as it becomes clear to me and help you find other practitioners (a very rare occurrence).
  • I will respond to your emails and texts within 24hours if it is an urgent matter and within one week if it is not.

Here’s what I ask from you: 

  • Please communicate your wants and needs to me directly as you come to understand them.
  • Please offer me feedback about your experience working with me, especially if there are ways I could support you more or differently.
  • Please honor my cancelation policy (found on the bottom of my 1:1 Offerings page).
  • I am open to you following my social media and engaging with me there. However, I may or may not follow you back or comment on your posts. Please do not personalize my actions. I don’t have the energy to keep track of my client relationships on social media.
  • If you are in my Pay It Forward assistance program, please keep the details of your financial assistance private. I have a sliding scale for this program and not everyone receives the same level of assistance. I offer financial assistance on a case by case basis.
  • If you love the care your are receiving, please send me an anonymous testimonial or give me a google review – and feel free to spread the word to your people! Word of mouth is my favorite way to get new clients. Thank you so much!


I work for trade very rarely and only in specific circumstances – mostly to help support my creative endeavors.  I do not typically trade for healing services and prefer to pay other practitioners their full rates for services. If you are a healer, please do not ask me to trade. If you need financial assistance, you can inquire about my Pay It Forward and Activism + Healing programs.

If you have any more questions about what to expect, please email me at portia@tallreedshealingarts.com! And I look forward to connecting with you!