I use the Old English term wyccecræft (pronounced the same as witchcraft) to describe the metaphysical practice of twisting and weaving the fabric of reality with the intention of healing. Wyccecræft is shamanic/quantum healing with a potent infusion of north-western European traditional practices for connecting with and manipulating subtle energy fields, vibrational dimensions, and other healing entities – such as: singing/chanting/invocations, sound healing, dancing, induction of trance states, ritual, divination, and support from allied entities.

Wyccecræft will support you by:

  • fostering your relationship with the multidimensional web of life
  • clearing energetic blockages that are preventing wholeness
  • retrieval of your power and vitality
  • offering guidance and protection
  • aligning you with your purpose

This healing container is for you if you:

  • are ready for a deep vibrational shift
  • want to release disharmonious patterns from your energy field
  • want to build a relationship with supportive interdimensional beings
  • are open to spiritual guidance and working with subtle energies

The first appointment is two hours, during which we will unpack your intentions for our time together and do an initial wyccecraft session.  I will guide you into an altered state of consciousness that allows you to expand your awareness into parallel worlds and alternative realities – in order to gain information, offer healing work, build relationships with your spirit guides, repair pass/alternate life themes, and more!

After your first visit, you will come in for two follow up appointments (each one hour, approximately a month apart), which are designed to help you integrate the energetic shift, as well as we will do any fine tuning or reinforcement work that is needed.

These sessions include guided meditation, breathwork, energy healing, channeling, sound healing, divination, and ritual. Bring a journal!

3 sessions (4 hours) ~ 3 months